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Home and Away leaves Ari Parata’s fate uncertain after hit and run accident


Tane, Nikau, and Mia have been left in the shadows.

Home and Away spoilers have been accompanied by Australian episodes that could be missed by some UK readers.

Ari Parata’s loved ones are in limbo while they await word about whether he will rebound from his hit-and-run crash on Home and Away.

In this week’s Australian scenes, Ari was purposefully knocked over by his arch-enemy Paul, while the wicked gangster sought vengeance on the Parata family.


For months, Paul and his sidekick Leon have been pursuing the Paratas for an outstanding debt. Heath Braxton was able to get the thugs to back down for a brief time, but they have now threatened to settle the score.

Ari was discovered unconscious by the side of the road by his nephew Nikau and Bella Nixon in this week’s episodes in Australia.

Ari was taken to the hospital, where doctors insisted on putting him in a medically induced coma.

After reviewing Ari’s scans and finding a bleed on his brain, Christian Green realised Ari would need immediate surgery.


About the fact that the operation went well, Christian had to inform Ari’s family that he would not be taken out of his coma right away.

Ari’s outlook was also unclear due to the fact that he wanted time to recover. His friends and family were informed that the only thing they could do now was wait for more details.

Ari’s fright had a major effect on the characters around him. Tane, his younger brother, went after Paul for vengeance, beating him before taking him to the hospital and demanding that the cops be called.

Meanwhile, Mia Anderson, a rookie, was left regretting a recent squabble with Ari when she questioned the depths of her feelings for him. Is it likely that they’ll reunite if Ari recovers?


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