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Home and Away to introduce a new character for Mali Hudson storyline


Mali Hudson’s brother is moving to Summer Bay, according to Home and Away.

Iluka, Mali’s older sister, makes her screen debut on Wednesday, June 5, at Australian time, launching a major new plot.

Iluka shows up right after Tane Parata’s baby abduction case has caused issues in Mali’s relationship with Rose Delaney, his girlfriend.

Mali wonders right away why Iluka is in town as she wasn’t expecting to see him. Mali can’t help but feel there’s more going on, even if Iluka says he’s only stopping in to catch up with his younger brother.


Mali reassures Rose later that Iluka is not hiding anything and she shouldn’t be concerned, but there will undoubtedly be more to it.

According to an article in the Australian magazine TV Week, Iluka is evading some hazardous people who have previously caused him problems.

Is it just a matter of time until Iluka’s adversaries trail him to the Bay, and should they do so, may Mali and Rose become entangled in the drama?

The part of Iluka has been assigned to Dion Williams.


This week, Mali’s actor Kyle Shilling teased on Instagram Stories, saying, “This storyline is something else, be sure you watch.”

Fans of Home and Away were first introduced to Mali’s mother Victoria and sister Elandra last year.

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