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Home and Away: Ari’s health is deteriorating and Tane takes matters with Paul into his own hands

Now we wait to see what will happen to him. Channel 7/Channel 7

When you’re on your deathbed, everybody suddenly likes you.

Ari just announced last night that the abduction was in the competent hands of the cops.

However, with the retirement of serjeant crooked Colby and detective Angelo, the police must be short-staffed because Paul — the kidnapper — isn’t in jail and is now driving away from the crime scene in his very clear purple vehicle.

Ari’s dead body is discovered on the side of the road with blood pouring from his head by Nikau and Bella.


They summon an ambulance, and by the time Ari arrives at the hospital, news has spread.

On the phone, Bella says, “Mac, the most horrible thing just happened.”

Tori and Budget McDreamy have arrived and have placed Ari in an induced coma. He has head damage and a punctured lung, and he is rushed to hospital, similar to the injuries Lewis’ late wife suffered whilst under Budget McDreamy’s treatment.

Mia, who was about to leave town with her daughter grudgingly in tow, Chloe, Nikau, Tane, and probably Dean and Bella (I don’t recall the details, it was just really packed) all express their concern to the peanut gallery.

All is concerned for Ari’s well-being. Channel 7/Channel 7

Meanwhile, the news has shaken Mac, and Amber assumes he is “up the duff” and “must be scared to death, as I was.”

Amber also tells Mac that she was “rock over heels in love” with Dean, but that he didn’t share her feelings.

Mac recognises the importance of informing Ari of her pregnancy, particularly if it is the last chance she has.

This could be Mac’s last chance to tell Ari she’s expecting his brother. Channel 7/Channel 7

Tane receives a text from Paul at the hospital, stating that he is the perpetrator of the hit-and-run. Since he’s leaving a trace of intent, this Paul guy obviously isn’t the sharpest.


When Nikau sees the letter, he jumps in front of uncle Tane to discourage him from offering himself as a tribute.

Nikau begs, “I can’t lose anyone else.”

As he walks out, Tane says, “That’s exactly what’s going to happen if I don’t finish this.”

Budget McDreamy then informs Ari that she must stay in a medically induced coma.

Lewis adds, “It’s a positive sign, but it’s just the first of many obstacles.” Later, Jasmine compliments him on being “pretty nice today” and asks him to spend the night, which he gladly accepts.

Tori also compliments Budget McDreamy, who is doubting his skills as a result of Lewis’s accusation of him of killing his wife and unborn child.

Budgeting For not murdering another patient, McDreamy gets a hand on the head. Channel 7/Channel 7

We’ll have to wait to see if Ari makes a full recovery.

Tane runs into Paul in a clump of trees.

Tane easily takes Paul from his car and to the ground — thanks to his broad arms and their devoted workout regimen — as things rapidly intensify.

Tane is back at the hospital, taking Paul with him, despite the fact that we don’t see him touch Paul and that’s where the producers draw the line on family entertainment.

That isn’t the first time a character has taken in a battered victim.

As all of this is going on, Mac arrives at the hospital to see Mia waiting for him.

Chloe has also commented on her mother’s actions, calling her a “hypocrite” in front of the entire family.

This couple were never in agreement. Channel 7/Channel 7

Mia has a few moments alone with Ari, and she apologises for calling him a crumb in an emotional display.

From Home and Away, I believe this is some true bread and butter stuff. My only concern is that no one told Ziggy.

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