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Home and Away spoilers (June 17 to 21)



What’s next in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Bree and Remi try to move forward with their new love interests.

Elsewhere, Felicity sleeps with Tane’s lawyer, and Eden cuts all ties with cheating Levi.

Here’s a full collection of 13 huge moments.


1. Nelson asks Bree out

bree cameron and nelson giles in home and away

Stevie is raring to start shooting her new movie in Summer Bay, but her director Nelson has done a disappearing act.

It turns out Nelson is hanging out with newly-single Bree and the pair are enjoying getting to know one another.

Nelson is keen for Bree to take his number, but she hesitates, pointing out she has just come out of a relationship and isn’t looking for anything serious.

2. Bree and Remi have an awkward encounter

remi carter and bree cameron in home and away

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There’s awkwardness in the air when Remi and Bree end up face-to-face with their new flings, Stevie and Nelson, beside them.

Seeing Remi locking lips with Stevie is enough to convince Bree it’s time she moved on and she takes Nelson up on his offer of dinner.

Unaware of the identity of Bree’s past boyfriend, Nelson invites Remi and Stevie to join them and awkwardly make it a double date.

3. It all gets too much for Bree

bree cameron with two phones in home and away

As the foursome sit down together, Stevie is shocked to realise that Bree is Remi’s ex.


When things get too painful, Bree excuses herself. Nelson follows and offers her comfort.

Later on, Remi apologises to Bree for crashing her date with Nelson and reassures her that things between them will get easier in time.

4. Eden’s sick of Stevie

eden fowler and cash newman in home and away

An emotional Eden arrives back from visiting Imogen and is frustrated when Cash interrupts her to take a call from Stevie.

Afterwards, the couple sit down to dinner, but then Stevie comes barging in complaining about Cash’s new safety measures and how he’s making extra work for Nelson.

Their bickering soon proves too much for Eden, and she storms off the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

5. Mac faces Eden

mackenzie booth in home and away

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It’s been a week since Levi unofficially moved in with Mackenzie and tensions remain high.

When Mac finds out that Mali’s had an earful from Eden over concealing the affair, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Arriving at Eden’s, Mac begs for her understanding, but is met by a door being slammed in her face.

6. Eden disowns Levi

eden fowler and levi fowler in home and away

Mac is barely back at her place when Eden rocks up demanding to see her brother.

Levi stresses that he didn’t send Mac to talk on his behalf, but tells Eden that she can’t just have a go at him whenever she feels like it.

With that, Eden explodes with rage over Levi’s mistreatment of Imogen. He fights back, declaring his love for Mac, but Eden refuses to forgive his betrayal and declares that he’s dead to her.

7. Levi and Mac look to their future

mackenzie booth and levi fowler in home and away

Devastated by Eden disowning him, Levi seeks comfort from Mac.

She admits her concerns about them living together so soon, but agrees Levi can stay with her until he sorts himself out.

Talking things through with Tane helps Mac reach a decision. She tells Levi she doesn’t want him going anywhere and is delighted when he says he feels the same.

8. Tane rejects Felicity’s help

tane parata in home and away

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Felicity is on Tane’s case to seek legal help, but he’s sick of her interference and orders his ex to back off.

Harper witnesses the exchange and reassures Felicity she’ll find a way to help change Tane’s mind.

She contacts a lawyer called Marshall, who arrives in the Bay, but stubborn Tane refuses to see him.

9. Felicity and Marshall get it on

marshall in home and away

Marshall heads to Salt to get on with some work and encounters Felicity.

The flirty pair hit it off straight away and head back to Felicity’s to give into their desires.

Felicity hesitates for a moment, but decides this is what she wants and leads Marshall into the bedroom.

10. Tane rumbles Felicity’s secret

tane parata and felicity newman in home and away

Tane finally meets with Marshall, and the pair go to Salt with Harper to discuss his legal case.

They’re immediately seen by Felicity, who wants to know what her one-night stand is doing with her ex-husband.

When the penny finally drops, Felicity pulls Marshall to one side and discreetly explains he shouldn’t be there. But before she has the chance to say any more, Tane interrupts.

11. Tane’s in big trouble

rose delaney and tane parata in home and away

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Tane is furious to discover Felicity spent the night with Marshall and reckons it’s just another twisted ploy to interfere in his life.

The exes are so busy rowing that Tane misses two calls from Rose telling him he’s late for check-in.

He dashes to the station and pleads with Rose not to mark him as missing, but she refuses and even threatens to have him arrested.

12. Justin and Leah support Theo

theo poulos and justin morgan in home and away

Justin and Leah confront Theo about the contents of his half-finished letter, which he has written to them as part of his counselling.

He admits he feels like a screw-up and isn’t sure why they put up with him, but the couple assure Theo their lives wouldn’t be half as good without him.

Leah and Justin vow to help Theo get through this difficult period and he’s thankful for their support.

13. Alf issues a warning

alf stewart in home and away

Marilyn is struggling to keep up with the demands of Stevie’s crew and is grateful when Kirby offers to lend a hand at the Coffee Cart.

Meanwhile, Roo asks for more lifeguards to be on duty while filming is taking place, much to Alf’s chagrin.

Unable to resist a moan, the Bay stalwart points out the beach belongs to everyone and he fears the film crew’s presence will come with a catch.

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