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A Reunion Of Home And Away Stars At The Iconic Diner Because You Know They Belong Together


Lincoln Lewis, Bec Hewitt, Ada Nicodemou, and Luke Jacobz reunited on the set of the popular soapie Home And Away, and don’t they look like they’re hanging out in a cafe?

Summer Bay is filmed in Palm Beach, but the cast reunited at Channel Seven’s Redfern headquarters, where production films scenes inside the famous Diner.

Lincoln uploaded the video to Instagram, noting that it had been a while since he had been on set. He said,

He shouted, filming Bec and Ada behind the counter and Luke leaning on the coffee machine, “Oh my God, hey fam!”


Lincoln captioned the video on Instagram with, “H&A reunion!”

I just wanted to do Geoff coming in and running towards Hayley, Leah and Angelo!

It’s adorable.

Lincoln, Ada, Bec, and Luke were cast along with Schapelle Corby and Matty J during the “All-Stars” season of Dancing With The Stars (neither of whom has previously starred on DWTS). Bec won the show’s first season, with Ada and Luke respectively winning the second and the third seasons. Lincoln was seventh in 2009. In 2009.


Ada Nicodemou posted a few photos of the gang back together in The Diner to her Instagram Stories, including one with Kyly Clarke, another DWTS alum.

Ada Nicodemou’s Instagram account is the source of this picture.
Ada Nicodemou’s Instagram account is the source of this pic.

Ada has played Leah Poulos on Home And Away since 2000, making her one of the show’s longest-serving stars. Yes, really. She’s already on the programme you stopped seeing while you were in middle school. She’s already stuck there, not even a Logie win to cheer her up.

After three years as Geoff Campbell,Lincoln left Home And Away in 2010. Yes, he received a Logie for his results, Australia’s highest honour. He’s since appeared in Tomorrow, When The War Starts, Neighbours, and House Husbands, among other films.

In 2005, seven years since she first played Hayley Smith, Bec still was a Logie winner left Home And Away. Since then she hasn’t behaved and would rather spend time with her husband Lleyton Hewitt on their three children.


Luke last starred on the show as Angelo Rosetta from 2008 to 2011, and then again in 2020 for a portion of the season. He went on to host The X Factor and The Proposal, a short-lived dating programme.

All of this means that Ada has shared the frame with the other three characters on Home And Away, but Luke and Lincoln have never seen Bec in Summer Bay.

But it makes no difference. You know they’re meant to be together for the rest of their lives…

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