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Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn is drunk and faces a shocking accident which lands her in hospital!


Marilyn faces humiliation when a drunken crash lands her in the er next week on Home and Away in the UK, when problems between Lewis and Christian eventually erupt…

Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), who has already seen her divorced husband John Palmer (Shane Withington) fall in love with Summer Bay newcomer Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter), is surprised to learn that John has already relocated the beautiful real estate agent into their former marital home.

Susie has swept John off his feet over the last few weeks, and we now know she’s up to no good because she secretly rummaged through his financial documents, so John took pity on an understandably distressed Susie after she figured out her lease on her apartment had expired.

When he got more embroiled in Susie’s web, John soon offered her a place to stay with him. Susie discarded the notion when she led John to the bedroom… John made it clear that his invitation had no agenda, explaining that they would have different quarters…


Marilyn is a little tipsy this week after promising to support Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett).

Despite becoming “sworn rivals,” the two plan to spend the afternoon at Summer Bay House challenging one another to another cocktail challenge, with Marilyn serving as judge—but Marilyn starts to wonder whether they should have eaten before taking on the task!

Marilyn declares Chloe’s cocktail the winner after tasting even more inventions in a tiebreaker round, just as she finds one of John’s election campaign leaflets on the kitchen counter, much to her chagrin.

Marilyn agrees to toddle down to Saxon Avenue to give John some much-needed guidance, already enraged that John will bring himself up against Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) for surf club president.


“I’ve come to save you from yourself, John!” says the narrator. When she wobbles into the door, Marilyn declares, John perplexed at the sight of an intoxicated, giggling Marilyn. She goes on to warn John that his campaign is a bad one because no one will vote against Alf, a long-time member of the surf club, and she doesn’t want him to get worked up at the prospect of losing.

When drinking a cup of good coffee, John discovers that some of Susie’s possessions are strewn around the living room and discreetly covers them while Marilyn reminisces about their union.

As John is about to see Marilyn off after she declines a ride home, he hears a yell and a big thud from outside as Marilyn slides down the decking stairs!

Marilyn tries to stand up to go home between bleeding from a head wound and an ankle injury, but John insists on taking her to the hospital.


When tending to Marilyn, Tori (Penny McNamee) explains that she’ll be taking her for a CT scan and asks nurse Lewis (Luke Arnold) to send for Christian (Ditch Davey). Lewis hesitates before agreeing to do so, which Tori notes.

Later that evening, Lewis stayed at the hospital until his shift’s end, eager to keep an eye on Christian, who was grappling with another head wound patient. When Christian tells Marilyn that her scans are all clear, Lewis starts to criticise him when he describes the next steps. Christian begs Lewis to leave while biting his lip.

Lewis, on the other hand, refuses to go, and Christian is angry when he discovers him at Marilyn’s bedside a short time later. Christian advises Tori that she must take action against him and inquires as to why Lewis is hunting him down. Tori knows the truth, but she doesn’t tell Christian, and she tries to talk him out of filing a formal complaint while asking how much longer this will go on.

Marilyn asks Alf to drive her to John’s the next day to thank him for his support, carrying some pastries in the hopes that the three of them will sit down for breakfast. John, on the other hand, is anxious to get rid of them, and the explanation becomes apparent when Susie makes a point of leaving the house in her panties. Marilyn is humiliated!

Tori calls Christian for a meeting back at the hospital, but Lewis defends himself by arguing that he was just doing his job.

Throughout the day, tensions between Lewis and Christian rise as Tori and Jasmine (Sam Frost) stand by, uncertain what to do for the better!


After one too many snide remarks, Christian finally snaps at Lewis and asks him directly what his concern is. The reality about his wife Anna’s death after Christian operated on her is eventually revealed by Lewis. When Anna developed injuries, Christian had already fled the hospital, and Lewis held Christian personally accountable.

Christian is taken aback as he continues to process what he’s just heard, and then confesses to Tori his regret for not recalling Anna’s case right away. Christian’s emotions rapidly turn to frustration as he learns Tori was aware of the situation all along!

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