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Ada Nicodemou’s reunion with Bec Hewitt, Lincoln Lewis, and Luke Jacobz


They’ve been kissing for a long time! – written by Erin Doyle

Fans have been going crazy over Ada Nicodemou’s reunion with former Home and Away co-stars Bec Hewitt, Lincoln Lewis, and Luke Jacobz on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

When the 43-year-past old’s relation to another familiar face on DWTS was brought up on Monday night’s show, the audience was taken aback.

Judge Paul Mercurio kissed the gorgeous brunette once, and didn’t waste any time reminding her of their previous encounter.

Dancing With The Stars judge Paul Mercurio was once kissed by Ada Nicodemou (left). Seven is a television channel.

“Back in 2005, we had our third ever champion. I recall you vividly from back then. After she finished her DWTS score, he told her, “You were great.”

“Back in the 1990s, I still recall you fondly. I was going to say something about what happened, but your son is here, and I’m not sure I will.”

When Ada asked what he was talking about, he responded, “You don’t remember?” We had to passh!” Heartbreak High, we had to passh!

“Are you sure you don’t remember? We had to passh!” Heartbreak High, we had to passh! Paul Mercurio (second from right) remembered the incident. Instagram is a social media platform that allows

Ada’s character Katerina Ioannou had a brief love affair with Paul’s character Blair Baker, her dance coach, during the Heartbreak High episode in question.


Although the two had some steamy pashes and close hugs, Katerina’s heartbreak and tears came to an end when she learned Blair had a wife and family.

Heartbreak High was mentioned many times during the Dancing With The Stars segment.

Luke Jacobz’s tenure on the iconic Australian show was also mentioned, with Paul joking that he didn’t recall the actor’s first stint on DWTS but remembered his time on Heartbreak High.

Ada rose to fame as a teen on the hit Australian show Heartbreak High (pictured with co-star Salvatore Coco). Provided

From 1994 to 1997, Ada starred on Heartbreak High, while Luke joined in 1997 and stayed until the show ended in 1999.


Both Ada and Luke were among a slew of Australian actors who went on to star in another hit show, Home and Away.

Meanwhile, Netflix has announced that Heartbreak High will be relaunched in 2022 for a new generation of viewers.

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