Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Home and Away spoilers: Colby is in Trouble Again Behind the bars

The relationship between Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) and Colby (Tim Franklin) is well and truly over, with Taylor left considering her next move as Colby continues a prolonged jail term. He reaches the prison yard as she strolls along the sand, on high alert for any possible problems.

They know a lot needs to be said as Taylor and Angelo (Luke Jacobz) crash into each other. They go to eat, and she is told by Angelo to see Colby in jail. He says if she ever has love for him, it’s the only way she can work out.

The first guest of Colby ends up being Taylor, and the two process where they are today, in their romance, Colby’s lies about Ross (Justin Rosniak), his ulterior reasons to get close to her, and the long path he has ahead.

If she can, he encourages Taylor to repair her marriage with Angelo, and Taylor starts to understand that on their respective paths, they have to step apart. She doesn’t go, though, without realising that someone has beaten him up, and has a bruised face.

To arrange security for him, she offers to use her contacts, but Colby maintains that she can no longer engage with him. He also assures her he’s handled the crisis, but is he telling the truth, and is he still inside healthy enough?

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