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Spoiler alert! Home and Away reveals Ari Parata murder attempt in 41 must see picture


Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, April 19.

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Kieran returns to Martha on Tuesday, April 20.

Martha, on the other hand, isn’t sure whether Kieran is genuine or not.

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Tuesday, April 20: Kieran is perplexed by Martha’s actions.

Kieran is unaware that Martha has been experiencing hallucinations of him, which explains her odd reaction to his return.

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Kieran insists he’s the real deal on Tuesday, April 20.

Because there’s something different about this version of Kieran, Martha might start to believe it soon.

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Tuesday, April 20: Kieran remains enraged as a result of recent events.

He is a danger to Martha.

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Martha confides in Roo and Alf on Tuesday, April 20.

Neither of them are persuaded that Martha saw Kieran.

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Tuesday, April 20: Martha agrees to show the caravan to Roo and Alf.

They want to know whether Kieran is inside or not.

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Tuesday, April 20: Kieran is nowhere to be found.

Alf is concerned that Martha is feeling the pressure once more.

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Tuesday, April 20: Kieran stands back and watches.

He makes plans for his next step.

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Tuesday, April 20: Kieran gets himself into a pickle.

He begins robbing caravans all over the park.

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Kieran steals any alcohol he can find on Tuesday, April 20.

His alcohol problems haven’t gone anywhere.

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Ari is now in a coma as of Wednesday, April 21.

His situation does not seem to be getting any better.

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Christian is beginning to be concerned on Wednesday, April 21.

By now, he’d hoped to have made more improvement.

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Christian doubts his own judgement on Wednesday, April 21.

Lewis’ faith is being harmed by this, as well as his latest jibes.

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Christian talks with Mia on Wednesday, April 21.

He tries to reassure her as best as he can.

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Mia is desperate for Ari to wake up on Wednesday, April 21.

When Ari regains consciousness, she hopes they will be a couple.

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Mia kisses Ari on Wednesday, April 21.

What do they have in store for them in the future?

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Wednesday, April 21: Lewis holds a watchful eye on the situation.

He just wants Christian to fail.

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Christian’s tough day begins on Wednesday, April 21.

Tori stands by and observes.

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Tori talks with Christian on Wednesday, April 21.

She tells him that he is a fantastic surgeon.

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Kieran makes a terrifying pass on Wednesday, April 21.

In one of the caravans, he has Martha kidnapped.

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Tuesday, April 21: Martha is terrified.

Kieran isn’t sure how far he’ll go.

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Wednesday, April 21: Kieran demands retribution.

He holds Martha, Roo, and Alf responsible for his recent misfortunes.

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Kieran becomes nastier on Wednesday, April 21.

Kieran attempts to keep Martha quiet when Alf and Roo appear nearby.

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Wednesday, April 21: Martha is unable to scream out.

Kieran maintains his grip on the situation.

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Wednesday, April 21: Roo and Alf inspect the van Martha had prepared for Kieran.

Within, there are clothes and empty bottles.

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Thursday, April 21st: Kieran is also back, as Roo and Alf realise.

Is it too late for Martha to be helped?

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Lewis pays a sinister visit to Ari’s hospital room on Thursday, April 22.

He’s convinced Ari isn’t going to make it.

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Lewis decides to take matters into his own hands on Thursday, April 22.

He prepares a lethal drug for Ari.

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Thursday, April 22: Lewis is getting ready to give the prescription.

He would go to any length to ridicule Christian.

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Thursday, April 22: Lewis says some ominous stuff.

He says that Ari’s death will not be in vain because Christian will be expelled.

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Lewis is interrupted on Thursday, April 22nd.

Before Lewis can administer the medication, Mia enters the room.

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Lewis is forced to abandon his dream on Thursday, April 22.

Mia has no idea what she’s walked into and thanks Lewis for watching Ari.

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Thursday, April 22: Ari’s loved ones have some good news.

He regains consciousness at long last.

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Chloe and Mia embrace on Thursday, April 22.

It’s an emotional moment for them as they remember how close they came to losing Ari.

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Lewis and Jasmine arrive on Thursday, April 22.

They see Mia and Chloe kissing each other.

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Thursday, April 22: Lewis and Jasmine have a misunderstanding.

They believe Chloe and Mia are saddened by Ari’s death.

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Chloe and Mia clear the air on Thursday, April 22.

Ari has awoken, according to them.

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Thursday, April 22nd: Lewis is taken aback.

However, he attempts to hide his true feelings.

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Thursday, April 22: Lewis is in a state of flux.

He’s taken aback by how close Ari came to dying as a result of his actions.

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Wednesday, April 22nd: Jasmine wonders why Lewis isn’t more pleased with the situation.

Lewis seeks to keep his true feelings hidden.

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Thursday, April 22: Mia mulls about her relationship with Ari.

Would they be able to reunite as a couple now?

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