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9 coming must see huge Home and Away spoilers


Susie’s plotting becomes dangerous, and Ari becomes entangled in Lewis’s evil scheme.

For UK viewers, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

Susie’s efforts to avenge Irene on Home and Away will have significant repercussions for John next week.

Meanwhile, Ari has a near-death encounter as a result of Lewis’s scheming.


Here’s a complete list of the nine major events coming up.

1. Susie implements a new strategy.

As sponsorship money pours in for the upcoming surf meet, Susie and John are ecstatic. Susie has her own plans for the money, and she takes it a step further by duping John into allowing her to open a separate bank account for all of the fundraising funds.

Irene suspects that things aren’t as they seem, and she warns John that Susie isn’t to be trusted. Susie lashes out by going to Irene’s house and threatening her.

2. Susie poisons John inadvertently

John invites both Susie and Irene out to dinner in an attempt to mediate the conflict between them. Irene reluctantly decides to attend after Willow’s intervention so that she does not seem to be the irrational one.


Susie attempts to exact vengeance on Irene by poisoning a glass of wine she plans to give her. She is taken aback when John takes the glass instead of Irene because she is unaware that she does not drink.

Soon after, John becomes ill during the meal and must escape from Salt. Irene’s fears are aroused once more, and she threatens to consult a physician.

Irene recalls what happened with the wine later and realises she was the intended victim. Can anyone believe Irene when she says Susie is to blame for John’s sudden illness?

3. Willow experiences a setback in her fight with Bella.

Ziggy spends some quality time with Bella, but she has a secret agenda in mind: she wants to help Bella and Willow mend their fractured relationship. Bella appreciates Ziggy’s help with her TAFE job, but things take a turn for the worse when Willow steps in with pizzas.


Bella realises that this has all been a set-up from the beginning, and she refuses to spend more time with Willow. Willow is saddened that she has aggravated the situation and realises that regaining Bella’s favour will take a lot more effort.

4. Alf and Roo refuse to believe Kieran has returned.

When Kieran approaches Martha at the caravan park, she comes face to face with him. She initially believes she is hallucinating, but the reality gradually dawns on her when this version of Kieran appears to be very different from the visions she was having.

Alf and Roo accompany Martha to the caravan park to see Kieran for themselves. Alf and Roo challenge Martha’s mental health once more while Kieran is nowhere to be found. Kieran, on the other hand, has returned and is lurking from afar before breaking into some of the caravans in search of alcohol.

5. Martha is kidnapped by Kieran.

Kieran’s anger resurfaces later when he has an altercation with Martha inside one of the caravans. When Alf and Roo appear outside, Kieran covers Martha’s mouth with his hand, preventing her from calling for help.

Kieran drags Martha into a car and demands money from her. He holds Martha, Alf, and Roo responsible for his recent problems, and claims that his mother owes him money.

When the cops arrive to save Martha, Kieran is convinced that Alf summoned them. Martha needs to clarify that she was the one who called them, now that her son is completely out of reach.


6. Lewis intends to kill somebody. Aria is a young woman who is

Ari doesn’t seem to be waking up from his coma. Christian is concerned because he should have made more progress – and Lewis is eager to inflame the situation by implying that the surgeon is about to lose another patient.

When Lewis sneaks into Ari’s hospital room, armed with a drug that will kill him, his true intentions are uncovered. Lewis is persuaded that Ari will die soon anyway, but he decides to hasten things because he knows it will result in Christian’s dismissal.

Mia enters the room just as Lewis is about to commit murder and interrupts him. Mia has no idea what she’s about to step into and thanks Lewis for keeping an eye on Ari. Lewis abandons his strategy and exits the office, embarrassed.

7. Lewis is shaken by Ari’s recovery.

Christian decides that the morning after Lewis’s botched murder plot, it’s time to try to wake Ari up. Ari regains consciousness and starts breathing on his own, indicating that his efforts were successful. Ari even manages to crack a joke at Tane’s expense, demonstrating that he’s fully recovered.

Mia and Chloe are hugging in the hospital corridor as Lewis and Jasmine arrive for work. They are terrified at first, before Mia reassures them that Ari is awake. Lewis realises that he was responsible for Ari’s near-death experience.

8. Tane learns that Mac is expecting a child.

Tane is wary of Mac’s emotional reaction to the news of Ari’s recovery, and he assumes she’s pregnant. Tane is taken aback when he learns that Dean and Ziggy are both aware of the situation, although Ari is completely unaware.

Tane initially believes his brother deserves to know the facts, but as he considers Ari’s tragic past with children, he reconsiders his position.

Tane later tells Mac about Mia’s miscarriages when she was in a relationship with Ari several years ago. He also mentions that they had a baby boy together, but that he only lived for a few days.

Tane believes Ari would be unprepared to cope with Mac’s decision to terminate the pregnancy, so it’s better if he doesn’t know.

9. Amber and Dean start dating.

Amber and Dean are getting together now that they’re sharing an apartment with Jai at the pier. Dean confirms to Amber that he wants to be with her after reminiscing about old times.

Amber isn’t sure how to respond to the news at first, but she eventually throws caution to the wind and succumbs to Dean’s temptation.

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