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EXCLUSIVE: Luke Jacobz & Bec Hewitt’s reunion on Dancing With The Stars should’ve been filmed and made into a movie


For the stars Home and Away, it’s been a while.

They may not have traversed Home and Away with their personalities, but Luke Jacobz and Bec Hewitt are still linked together in particular.

The actors who played well-known characters, Hayley and Angelo, were actually on their own journeys after they appeared on one of the most famous soaps in Australia.

And while Luke turned to the show while Bec was laying down, the pair reappeared glamorously – this time together.


Yes, both soap stars have returned to our screens, as they compete on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars on the D-floor.

Luke shared a moment that wasn’t seen on screen in an exclusive interview with TV WEEK the morning after the premiere episode – but we believe it was a devastatingly missed opportunity…

“When I was 17 years old, I have already met Bec [Hewitt], so I spent so much time with her.” We saw each other’s face from a distance of about 15 metres, when we took the first promotion shoot [for *Dancing With The Stars].

As the old friends eventually reunited, Luke explains how they “kind of did this slow motion walk towards each other.”

Luke was overjoyed to see his Home and Away co-stars again. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Lincoln Lewis, his other Home and Away co-star and fellow Dancing comrade, had a very different reunion.

Luke laughs, “I believe he smacked my bottom.” “But that’s just Lincoln,” says the narrator.

Luke acknowledges that getting back on the dance floor after a 13-year hiatus was a bit of a learning curve, with sore muscles and his health being put to the test.

He, on the other hand, would not have it any other way.


“I go to bed every night with a smile on my face, knowing that the next day I’ll get up and dance,” he says.

Luke is overjoyed to be doing it all over again, despite a few aching muscles. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

The cast has obviously bonded during the process, with Schapelle Corby proving to be the most surprising dancer of all for Luke.

When the convicted drug smuggler was revealed as a wildcard in the All Stars season, it made headlines, but Luke says she’s taken it all in stride and outperformed everyone’s expectations.

«I’m the sweetest woman, and in the television business you can be very disappointed, because there’s so much pressure, and she doesn’t come from the world, she’s so awesome. I’m so inspired by her, and I think she can do good things».

On DWTS, Schapelle Corby made a good first impression. (Seventh Channel)

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