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Zoe Ventoura reveals how hard it was to keep pregnancy hidden and why the secrecy wasn’t intentional


If there’s one thing fans of Home and Away star Zobe Ventoura realise, it’s that the actress is extremely private about her personal life.

We were perplexed when the actress appeared with her partner, Dan MacPherson, and a newborn infant.

No one knew the 40-year-old was expecting a child, much less had given birth to Austin.

So it’s no surprise that we’re still learning new information about Zoe’s pregnancy, including the fact that the actress covered her expanding baby bump while filming Home And Away.

While playing Alex, Zoe was expecting her first child. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

“I looked pretty average for the first couple of months,” she says, “but by the end of my deal, I was beginning to reveal quite a bit, so there were some big bags and some really big jackets.” “I was playing a doctor, so I spent a lot of time hiding behind files!”

Zoe then explained why her pregnancy was kept secret for such a long time, and it turns out that it wasn’t intended.

She clarified, “It wasn’t that I tried to conceal it.”

“If anyone had said, ‘My god, she’s pregnant,’ I would have said yes, but it never came out. It was very fun to go through and share this privately with my family and friends. It was a very beautiful time.”


Just a few glimpsare shared by Zoe. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)es of Austin

While Zoe kept a secret of her pregnancy and kept Austin’s son out of the public eye by only briefly giving the 1-year-old a peek, the actress and her ex-husband revealed on Instagram their divorces.

The pair surprised fans by announcing the tragic news with a matching picture and caption.

Late last year, Zoe and Dan called it quits. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

“Dan and I have split with the utmost regard for each other,” Zoe said at the time.

“Together, we will continue to raise our beautiful boy Austin with all of our hearts.” “He is, and always will be, our top priority.”


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