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There’s an intriguing fan theory about Home And Away Lewis’ deadly intentions, and Ditch Davey may have just supported that theory too



“Anyone could be his next victim,” says the narrator.

We were so excited by the possibility of a new love interest for Jasmine when Lewis waltzed into Summer Bay after a beautiful meet-cute in last year’s finale that we never considered he could have an ulterior motive.

We gradually realised the fellow nurse’s intentions weren’t entirely innocent as he moved into his new home.

Lewis has his eyes set on Dr Christian Green in retaliation for the death of his wife and unborn child at the hands of the doctor.


And his evil scheme seems to be coming to a head.

Lewis was enraged to hear that Christian would not be fired as a result of their altercation. (Seventh Channel)

Fans are going crazy over a new teaser for Home And Away, as it seems Lewis has a dangerous plan for Christian that goes beyond his previous failed attempts to take him down.

“I’m trying to figure out what else I can do to get Christian to pay up,” Lewis says in the video.

“Anyone could be his next victim,” says the voiceover, threateningly. So, how far is he willing to go? When Lewis looms over what appears to be Christian and says, “Your life is in my hands now,” it appears that the doctor may become the patient.

Is this a Christian statement? (Seventh Channel)

Some people believe the man’s face, seen up close, can be described as Christian.

“Christian without a doubt. Lewis’ voice has a tone that suggests he’s speaking to the person he’s looking for “a supporter remarked

Others, on the other hand, think it’s a ruse to trap Lewis in the act.

“I believe it is a ruse to catch Lewis off guard,” one fan speculated.


“Now that Jasmine is seeing the true colours of Christians, I believe they set a trap to catch him out,” a second said.

This week, both Sam Frost and Ditch Davey appeared on Sunrise to tease that the drama is just getting started.

Ditch told Sam Mac before adding that, ‘Christian has covered Lewis, Jasmine’s boyfriend, and he is about to take action,’ and he’s about to take retribution.

“It’s been very hectic,” Sam said, “but I think people will enjoy it.”

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