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Home And Away’s Mackenzie falls AGAIN as she takes a turn for the worst


“She’s in a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally.”

In Home And Away, a physically and mentally broken Mac pushes herself too far, crashing for the second time in as many weeks. Can Mac ever completely recover now that she’s at her lowest point?

Last week, in agony, Mac (Emily Weir) fell to the ground. It was later found that she had an ectopic pregnancy, causation of a ruptured Falopian tube.

After an emergency operation, the unborn child of Mac was unable to be saved. Now that she is back home, Mac struggles to deal with the baby’s absence. The disheartening young woman, looking alone at her blog of pregnancy, breaks down.

Tane and Ziggy arrive to support Mac. (Seventh Channel)

“When Mac gets home, she’s totally burned out and overwhelmed,” Emily, 29, tells TV WEEK.

“She’s in so much physical and emotional distress that she’s checked out and has become oblivious to the outside world.”

Mac is crying at the kitchen table as Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) returns home. She confides in Ziggy that she feels as if she has lost everything, including her daughter.

Ari(Rob Kipa-Williams), Mac’s ex, had no idea the baby was his.


Mac plans to go back to work at Salt the next morning, much to Ziggy’s dismay.

Emily explains, “She goes back to work too quickly to distract herself from her trauma.”

“She feels that if she can keep busy and her mind off the pain of losing a baby and her partner all at once, she will be able to feel better. Going to work is something she does on a regular basis and considers to be a good diversion.”

In Ari’s lap, Mac sobs. (Seventh Channel)

However, when Ari arrives with Mia (Anna Samson) and wants to speak to Mac, she refuses.


Emily explains, “Being in the same room with Ari is way too uncomfortable for her.” “Mac is absolutely shaken and perplexed, and he believes Ari has betrayed him.”

Unforeseen, a tired Mac, who buried herself in her work, gets cramps and collapses at Salt downstairs. She’s taken to the hospital and her rescue is Ziggy and Tane (Ethan Browne). Until they arrive, doctors bring bad news.

Emily claims that Mac’s body hasn’t had enough rest since her ectopic pregnancy. “Being on her feet and moving around has aggravated her recovery and caused a complication.”

When Ari comes to visit her in the hospital, Mac is at her lowest ebb and falls apart in Ari’s arms. Mac is in a bad way.

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