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Home and Away to air Lewis Hayes’s evil plan in sinister Ari Parata scenes


The situation at the hospital takes an unexpected turn.

In a chilling scene set to air on UK television next week, Home and Away nurse Lewis Hayes gets dangerously close to murdering Ari Parata.

Lewis (Luke Arnold) goes after Ari because he’s always thinking about avenging his nemesis Christian Green.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) also has a coma after being knocked down in a hit-and-run accident. Christian had surgery on him as he was brought to the hospital in a critical condition.


Next week, Christian (Ditch Davey) becomes concerned that Ari hasn’t awoken from his coma, as he had hoped for a major change by now.

Lewis can’t help himself from stirring it up, implying that Ari’s family may be doomed and that Christian is to blame.

The feud between the two coworkers began after Christian was unable to rescue Lewis’s wife Anna after she was injured in a car crash a few years earlier.

With the burden mounting, Christian examines Ari’s files and determines that getting him out of his coma is the safest course of action.


Unfortunately, Lewis has already made a covert visit to Ari’s ICU room, armed with a lethal drug.

After a string of unexplained deaths, this suggests that Lewis is the one murdering people at the hospital.

Lewis believes that Ari will die prematurely, but he whispers his death will now be substantial and it will help to dismiss Christian.

The desire in love of Ari As Lewis commits assassinations, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) enters the room. Mia is obliged to Lewis for keeping an eye on Ari, for ignoring how busy she was.


Lewis is forced to abandon his scheme right away, throwing away his syringe and exiting the bed.

The next morning, Christian implements his new strategy and successfully awakens Ari from his coma.

When Mia happily reveals that Ari has awakened, Lewis is taken aback. Lewis realises that if it wasn’t for him, things would have gone very different – but will the wake-up call be enough to end his plot of revenge?

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