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Home and Away’s Mackenzie star hints at Ari reunion after baby heartbreak


EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away has been through a lot in recent weeks, not only having been dumped by Ari Parata, but also finding out she’s pregnant with his child.

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) from Home and Away has been left heartbroken after her boyfriend AriParata(Rob Kipa-Williams) has learned he has feelings for Mia.

Not only that, but she’s been debating whether or not she should tell him she’s pregnant with his child, and she seems to be leaning towards ending the baby, much to her brother Dean’s chagrin.

After Ari makes a heartfelt apology for how he treated things, she agrees to come clean about the baby, but disaster hits shortly after – will she lose the baby?


Just as she’s making up her mind, she and Mia are shocked to learn that Ari has been knocked out in a hit-and-run wreck.

Mac has been devastated after her boyfriend Ari abruptly abandoned her (Image: Channel 5)

Dean says that, when he recovers from his operation, Mac will see Ari in hospital, and she reticently accepts.

However, when she discovers Mia at his bedside, she is heartbroken and flees, not realising that Mia is making a hidden vow to repair anything if Ari can be brought out of his coma.

He is completely unaware that she is carrying his child (Image: Channel 5)

Can Mia end her friendship with Ari to make a difference between him and Mac?


Since Ari has yet to learn about the boy, Emily, who plays Mac, has hinted that there is much more to come in the plot.

“Mac has been left utterly shocked by Ari’s confession about Mia, she didn’t see it coming at all,” she told the Daily Star.

Is Ari going to choose between Mia and Mac? (Image courtesy of Channel 5)

“Naturally she hopes he will one day wake up and realise it is Mia that wants to be with her, not Mia, but who knows if that happens?

“I think it would mean a lot to Ari to know that he was becoming a dad,” she said, implying that the future baby they might raise together could bring them closer together.


“This will probably end up getting Mac and Ari closer together because it’s such a huge deal.”

She went on to say, “She really really likes him, she was gutted by the breakup,” before implying that Ari may have feelings for her as well.

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