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Home and Away’s Christian Green is under arrest as Lewis Hayes takes revenge


Is this the final chapter of his strategy?

There will be spoilers for both Australian and UK audiences of Home and Away.

In scenes airing in Australia this week, Home and Away Lewis Hayes brings his thirst for vengeance to a new level, arresting Christian Green.

Lewis despises Christian and believes he is to blame for the death of his wife and unborn child (something Christian has apologised for). Lewis’ fascination with destroying Christian’s life has driven him to murder Christian’s patients in secret.


Lewis has filed assault charges against Christian after he became enraged and hit him last week. When the cops arrive and take Christian away, Alf attempts to settle things down between them.

Will Christian be sentenced to two years in prison? And, if that’s the case, will Lewis’ thirst for vengeance be quenched, or will he continue to murder with less of a chance of someone else finding out? You’d think he’d be content with Christian being locked up, but he’s already established himself as one of the soap’s most heinous villains…

What happens this week will be seen by Australian audiences, while the UK will see these scenes in about four weeks.

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