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Home and Away Willow Harris face Bella Nixon’s wrath as she returns to Summer Bay. The fallout of Witness X continues.


Spoilers for the UK Home and Away follow.

Following her return to Summer Bay, Willow Harris from Home and Away will face an enraged response from Bella Nixon on UK screens next week.

Willow (Sarah Roberts) hasn’t been seen in the Bay since appearing against Colby Thorne in his murder trial, but Channel 5 audiences will soon see her return.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) is initially unimpressed when Willow reappears unexpectedly.


When Bella (Courtney Miller) sees Willow again, she is angry, and the two have a full-fledged argument.

Willow is adamant about getting a chance to justify why she betrayed Colby.

She reveals that it was she who contacted Angelo Rosetta about collaborating to get Colby down, who was clearly out of reach at the moment.

Willow clarifies that she just turned against Colby because she was afraid that his decisions would bring their whole family down with him. Willow agreed that rather than letting others suffer the consequences, it was time to kill Colby.


Dean, much to his delight, continues to see the logic in Willow’s decision and warms up to her once more.

Bella, on the other hand, is not easily swayed and refuses to be near Willow.

Willow then calls Amber Simmons (Madeleine Jevic) to ask her to come back to Summer Bay to see Dean.

Amber abandoned Dean and their young son a few weeks earlier. Will Willow now make amends with Dean by aiding in the healing of Jai?


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