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Home and Away’s John star teases Marilyn reunion after Susie’s twisted con exposed


Susie McAllister, who plays John Palmer on Home and Away, has been revealed to be using him in a con to steal his money, so John Palmer’s heart is set to be shattered.

In recent weeks, crowd favourite John Palmer (Shane Withington) has developed a strong attraction to the stunning and enigmatic Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter).

However, though John thinks he has truly found peace after his divorce from Marilyn, audiences will soon learn that she is a scam artist.

She rifles through his possessions while alone in his home, checks through his financial documents, and takes photographs in the episodes coming up next week.


Although John has yet to learn the truth about Susie and the whirlwind relationship he believes they’re about to embark on, it won’t be long until she is.

Susie, a real estate agent with whom John has fallen in love, is defrauding him (Image: Channel 5)

Although, if Susie is eventually exposed as a scam artist, might he find himself back in Marilyn’s arms?

Shane told the Daily Star about the prospect of a reunion: “People liked John and Marilyn together because it was entertaining and successful, but the writers wanted to send us in opposite directions.

Shane has reached out on the possibility of John and Marilyn reuniting (Image: Channel 5)

“I’d like John to be a loser in love for a few years before he meets anyone,” she said, “but the door is open; maybe the writers will bring John and Marilyn back together again…”


“It would be fascinating if Marilyn saw Susie and John together and it made her miss him,” Bridie previously said of a hypothetical love triangle between her character and the two exes, telling the Daily Star:

Is Susie’s elaborate scheme to move in with John going to work? (Image courtesy of Channel 5)

Susie is a winner, a power dresser, and she makes the most of any situation, including her relationships.”

John, on the other hand, seems to be smitten with Susie for the time being, as he continued: “He is besotted with her, like a deer in the headlights.”

Is real estate agent Susie’s intricate con going to succeed, or can John and his friends find out what she’s up to when she moves in to live with him?


Home and Away returns to Channel 5 on Monday at 2.15 p.m.

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