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The local are looking a bit annoyed by the filming of Home & Away


“This isn’t just a mild annoyance; it’s a big stumbling block in our lives.” – courtesy of Chanelle Mansour

Locals in the Yass region have expressed their displeasure with Home and Away, which started filming in the city over the weekend.

The Australian soap opera is currently shooting in Boambolo, just north of Taemas Bridge, and the decision hasn’t gone down well with anyone.

Residents in the Wee Jasper Road district, south of Yass, are upset that they weren’t given enough notice about the closure of Yass’ only access road for an extended period of time.


Since the series will be shooting there for the remainder of the week, the road will be essentially closed between 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m., except for emergencies. There will be stop/go traffic control on other days.

Residents in Yass have voiced their displeasure with a week of filming delays. The number seven

Travel will be delayed from now until Friday, March 19, and a few locals have expressed their displeasure at how the situation has been treated.

According to the Goulburn Post, local resident Patrick Sullivan said, “This is not only a small nuisance, it’s a huge threat to our lives.”

As a citizen who relies on this path, I’m puzzled as to how Yass Valley Council could support this without informing anyone who will be impacted.


Peter Harris, the venue manager for Home and Away, came out to say that the arrangements had just been finalised with Yass Valley Council and Transport for NSW on Friday, March 5, and that he was attempting to spread the news as soon as possible through numerous community groups and organisations.

In an email to Patrick, Peter allegedly wrote, “Unfortunately, Home and Away, as a serial television series, runs on incredibly limited deadlines.”

Anyone who wishes to watch the filming has been alerted by Yass Valley Council. The number seven

Fans looking to catch a glimpse of their favourite characters in motion should reconsider, since the Yass Valley Council has sent an alert to anybody who wishes to observe the filming.

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