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Home and Away: Willow and Amber are coming back, and Martha has tried to pretend she’s not delirious.

Enter Martha in her mind’s firey inferno. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

This is a reunion of Home and Away!

About every character gets some air time, even a couple who are back to confront their issues, and in Summer Bay there are a lot of problems.

Initially, before Dean, Willow appears. It’s really best, because Jasmine has just lost her workout director, Kieran, who first took over Willow.

But stuff doesn’t always take up where Willow had stopped.

Last year, after her “treaty,” her friends all rat Colby to the police, she fled to the city – a phrase that was tossed a lot in this show.

Dean doesn’t like seeing Willow, so without a stressful encounter it wouldn’t be Home and Away until it will again be the second chance for happier families.

Bella doesn’t like seeing Willow, either.

Slowly she stares up at Willow, the man who took her brother to court, in front of her, from her telephone.

The horror of the shock. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

Before she actually gets out of the “No,” Bella is shocked.

“Get rid of me, Willow.”

“You killed him. You destroyed him. Your family has been killed.”

The exchange proceeds emotionally until Willow gets to the ground and reveals her story, to describe her life.

Bella shouts, “You are really a traitor.”

Willow admits to Dean and Bella that, when she learned she had to pick between Colby and Dean, she walked with Dean to Rosetta.

We do not forget that Willow is the chairman of a fan club of Dean Thompson and why not, frankly.

Willow committed to team Dean’s fidelity. Channel 7 Picture: Loan: Channel 7.

As soon as Dean forgives Willow, they have drinks together a few minutes later.

Yet Willow is up to something if Irene knows Willow – which she insists she doesn’t.

In truth, in fact!

In cahoots were Willow and Amber.

Somebody test the fatherhood, please. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

The subject turns to Jai easily.

For those who like an appeal Late last year Amber got up and fell and bombed, claiming to Dean they share Jai, their son.

Dean loves the little child – who may be his or her, because he didn’t screen for paternity – more than all else in the world, but under pressure to conceal the killing he was doing a lot and Amber found him to be a father and broke the child out of his life.

But Amber needs to “work things out,” “because it owes its baby.” Willow also told Amber of Dean’s role in the killing, which makes his actions appropriate.

And then, after he missed so much, Willow gave Dean the will to live.

She sinks her teeth into Ziggy as Willow is on a roll and tells her she is spending time with Tane and should be with Dean.

Zig’s kept her own, though.

Irena and Maz settle down for a cup of tea after the dinner – because tea is a sure way of resolving anything.

The Jas cam method appears to be a long way from showing that Martha goes in and out of her delusional state only if communicating about herself wasn’t clear.

Martha apologises for her pre-dinner walk. She’ll leg it. She’ll leg it.

It’s really dark and furious.

It’s made by the cardigan. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

“How about who?” Martha says.

“Hey, Ma” is a voice.

It’s Kieran and Martha flips around. I feel fooled. I’m deceived. He’s in a corduroy jacket he still wears even though he’s not actual.

The mask of smuggling is back. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

It is light as day all of a sudden and Martha talks again to Keiran.

“It’s just me your mother seems a little off,” Alf told Roo.

The condition lasts for a while as Roo and Alf persuade Martha to talk to her psychiatrist.

“If it’s your own way, I have to know that you’re all right,” Alf told his wife.

It feels like it’s gone.

But then Keiran appears again and advises Martha not to be mad but she said that she’s “continuing to play the game.”

She continues the charade and offers a rapid fire and persuasive ways to defend her actions.

Roo doesn’t believe her and opens a book about Keiran’s sketching of her mothers.

Mac and Ari have returned to rescue their friendship from their weekend.

They can’t even save cocktails. Credit: Channel 7. 7.

Mac says, “It was so fun to us.

“Everything is absolutely fine now.”

Too good to be real. Too good.

And it’s because Mia for some unexpected reason has a spare key to her house and goes in an intimate moment.

The washing machine with everything she needs to use.

It spoils mood and easily transforms drinks into a big glass of water.

Ari “does honesty realise” how he feels about Mia and asks Mac to find out for a bit.

When she learns she lost her man to another woman, Mac starts to cry.

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