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Home and Away: Ari is Really Stuck and Heart broken between his ex Mia and his girlfriend Mac. A tough Going for Him

Summer Bay’s hard to work. Who’s Ari going to choose? Channel 7/Channel 7 credit.

Any people in Summer Bay have trouble as Ari faces the decision to return with Mia or Mac.

Chloe and Mia have had a performance just for a couple of weeks, but sound like a broken record already.

Each discussion they have concerns their deep-rooted confidence problems and their pent-up frustration about their life with Ari and Nikau.

We’re having it! We get it!

But the producers will bring it into us a little more, so that Ari begins with calling Chloe to forgive her mother again. We are well acquainted with a discussion and conclusion.

But Ari’s best attempts don’t succeed and Chloe just got up in time for her first working day in Salt, where she was taught by Ryder after Mac took the day off with a personal problem.

Ryder and Chloe butts heads all over from folding napkins to cracking and then Chloe storms and almost announce each other’s contempt.

Chloe was deeply insulted. Channel 7/Channel 7 credit.

On the opposite, Mia has proclaimed anything but Ari’s love.

When Ari sees an old picture of them with Chloe from back on that day, she rented a van — but she waited as long as it took for Chloe to forgive her.

Then Ari is freaked because he says he loves Mac, but “If he did not go to jail, will we be together?”

Everybody watching has been a step ahead. Mac told Ari last night to find out what he wanted and he essentially gave up the friendship between Ari and Mac.

Everything but declaring each other’s love. Channel 7/Channel 7 credit.

Ari and Mia dive into the deep past of each other and the significance they once shared as Mia reveals that she wished their friendship would have continued.

Mia says to Ari, “I thought like we were forever.

Ari is a long time pausing, so “me too” is saying.

He calls his mother at the time and wants to leave the city a couple of days to have a nice time and determine which of the two people he likes most.

Oh that in Summer Bay he is a qualifying bachelor — or even a bachelor.

Susie’s on a campaign trail for John meanwhile… Because she is really about to turn it into some creation, after his money, home, and possibly land on the Surf Club.

A scary guy of this kind. Channel 7/Channel 7 credit.

Yet John doesn’t see the artist and every word of her is lapping.

They come across Justin and Leah who share fantastic news that they have selected a home of their own, so how easy is it for a new real estate agent to be in the city?

Susie returns to John’s House and asking about Jett and the amount of money he and Maz have to make to survive in the area.

After a fast Google, it’ll prove Jetts mother’s dead now, but if she came back to life at Bridie Carter’s body it won’t be the most far-fetched thing.

But their next moves disrupt this idea and as John is popping out to get a celebration, Susie bursts into action quickly and snoops his records.

She seems satisfied with what she finds.

“For you,” says Susie, “I’m head over heels.

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