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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away Newcomer Anna Samson on Mia’s past romance with Ari

“He was her life’s true love.”

Anna Samson is the newcomer from Home And Away who will wave the show in 2021.

Mia Anderson, the 30-year-old actress, the former friend of Ari, with her daughter Chloe arriving in Summer Bay and Sam Barrett who was snapped before on set kissing Radovich alias Ryder, performs. The 30-Year-old Star is Mia Anderson

A number of unfinished businesses date from before Ari was sent to prison, and we can already feel the drama, especially because the wonderful resident of Summer Bay is from Mackenzie already.

TV WeeK sat down to discuss her upcoming plot on the Ari Parata show if she’s ever been a fan of Home And Away and how she’s spending her free time away!

AriParata (Rob-Kipa Williams) asked his ex this week if they wouldn’t have been in prison if they were still together. She’s saying what?

I believe they’d stay together, she believes. He’s been her life’s great love.

What does Mia think Mac (Emily Weir) has to say about Ari?

Isn’t it always a little strange seeing another woman in your first great love?

You watched the show as you grew up?

I didn’t, but my best friend has and has all the H&A information that can ever be needed, from the stories to the cast trivia. She’s just my soap wisdom go-to.

“I think they’d stayed together, she thinks. It was her life’s great love,” explains Anna to Ari about her character’s past romance.

Are you ready to see you in another light for fans?

In Wake in Fright, you played quite a frightening character.

I am! Wake In Fright was an opportunity to work with a psychologically and physically distant character [the 2017 mini-series based on the famous Australian novel of 1961].

Something more close to my own nature is exciting.

What are you doing away with acting?

I’m reading – I’m a full bookworm! My friend recently purchased a Kindle for me. It’s great—as though I still like to buy books, I have a library in my pocket. I find it romantic. I find it romantic.

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