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Home and Away Spoilers – Colby’s final scenes air as he attacks an inmate

Colby Thorne returns next week at Home and Around in the UK and takes a brave step towards defending himself in prison. Colby Thorne’s final scene is incredible.

The retired detective guard was rebounding in his hospital bed when we left Colby (Tim Franklin) this week after his teammates beaten them.

Just a few days in jail, they considered Colby a policeman and made clear what happened to officers in prison. Colby was now a police officer for his term. During the time under the guidance of Inspector Joe (Shaun Anthony Robinson), the kids gave him a battering enough to shake him off the cold.

Dean (O’Connor’s Patrick) knew that it would come. He told him some things his own time in jail, and he realised that sooner or later his fellow prisoners would discover his real personality too hard as Colby had managed to hold his head down.

As Dean was actually able to see Colby on the hospital ward alone, he gave him some advice: “You do what you need to live. Don’t hold back.” Don’t hold back.”

Dean also knew it would be too painful for him to step foot in a prison, and that he should never visit Colby indoors. He made clear that Colby was never going to see one another, telling him he could not see him. Dean was to look after Bella (Courtney Miller), suggesting that what he had to do was to concentrate on remaining alive in jail. He advised Colby to focus more on himself.

Even though Colby is struck by the headlines, Dean understands why.

When we get back to the drama next week, at The Diner Bella hits Lewis. She was surprised when she learned that he no longer served in the prison facility, so she lost her friendship to figure out how her brother fell into it.

He doesn’t care if Dean’s an emotional Bella says. It’s time for Bella to proceed and forget about Colby, he reiterates to Bella – but understandably, this is the last thing Bella needs to do. Colby always will be her pal, even though she has conflicting emotions about the way he’s doing, who has saved her from her tortured life with Ross.

She is gobsmacked when she learns that Colby was transferred back to the jail and put in the same block she used to be in. And though Lewis tells her that the guards are going to protect him – she’s afraid, thinking he’s a threat now. “They’re going to finish him,” she claims, recognising that the guards won’t be able to fight for long with innumerable furious detainees.

She’s determined to return to prison with or without Dean to see her brother.

After John Palmer’s sound advice, Dean ultimately offers her a boost, and accepts. He picks her up at the bus stop and leads her up to the jail, but Bella is in for a huge shock if she wants to go inside.

His visit to the prison was immediately interrupted by Adrian Martinez (Shameer Birges), prison guard at the entrance. He briefly hides inside as they come and call Colby, before coming back to tell them that the day Colby will not welcome guests.

“An occurrence occurred, this is all I can say to you.” Officer Martinez agrees that after further pressure from Colby and Dean, Colby was held segregated until the queue was moved.

The warden is calling Dean as Bella walks away. “Dean Thompson, are you, right? It’s left to you here, it’s from Thorne.” He sends him a hand-written letter with the name of Bella on the front.

The only consolation that Dean will offer Bella when the pair returns to Summer Bay, is that Colby is safe alone. That’s a good thing, if he’s alone, no one can get him.

He hands her the message of Colby later on. When she reads it, she disrupts her awareness that this could be her brother’s last hearing.

The only consolation that Dean will offer Bella when the pair returns to Summer Bay, is that Colby is safe alone. That’s a good thing, if he’s alone, no one can get him.

He hands her the message of Colby later on. When she reads it, she disrupts her awareness that this could be her brother’s last hearing.

“Hey boy. “Hey child. I miss you so much. I miss you so much. I’m sad that it was in the hospital the last time we saw one another. I’m all right now, feeling much better.

There’s no simple way to compose Bella, so I don’t want to see me any more. It’s not fair, it’s so complicated to me. It’s not fair.


When Bella reads, we see Colby’s acts on their own. He listened to the recommendations of Dean and took a dramatic action in defending itself, which Dean could not have expected. He did not.

The flashbacks show Colby battling, tossing and landing fellow inmates as he reveals that they should not be ruled.

When he charges a fellow prisoner, he takes a sword from the pants and leaves a stream of blood as the prisoner crashes to the ground.


Multiple guards are required to hold Colby away while he pulls and kicks himself. He reveals really well that he’s a convict with whom you don’t screw. He does everything he wants to survive.

Has Colby killed yet another one?


The scenes that air in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, March 3, mark the close of the time of Tim Franklin in Home and Away, and the end of Colby. A long time after the star has not been seen filming since the mid-2020s, Tim’s departure from the show has been expected. Many viewers expect that he will be back to see Colby in jail.

Even Tim seems to have been shocked at his departure, so he might leave his potential return open. Tim said to TV Week: “I was stunned, I was amazed, you know, that it wouldn’t have been a death, to be honest.

“For a long time, I’ve tried to persuade them, like, I would like to burn weapons. But I just liked it when I read it; for Colby, it’s a good little finish. At some point he had to pay the premium.”

In the future Tim would not preclude a trip to Summer Bay. He said that he would like to see Colby coming back like a poor child, scarred by his time behind bars, and that the idea was flown to the producers already.

Many of Tim’s 3 years of show history have focused on Dean Thompson’s troubled friendship. The pair were kindergarten mates who grew up in Mangrove River and Dean was an important part of Colby’s efforts to locate his sister Bella after her was robbed by Ross Nixon.

As Dean took Colby’s rap, a fatal car wreck landed behind bars and when the two were reunited on Summer Bay in 2018, it took Dean a long time to forgive the betrayal of his former best friend. Forgive him though, because during their time in the bay they were on a rollercoaster of feelings and tough stories.

Instagram was taken by Patrick O’Connor to remember Tim as he left.  Tim and I did a hearing with Colby and Dean.

He is by far a greatest actor with whom I’ve ever played, but I would mention this only once, but I miss his hugs and his endless desire for affection.”

In an on-the-show video on the Instagram channel, Tim also spoke of the profound relations which he had with Patrick, Courtney and the rest of the cast and crew.

“That’s what’s going to get you through; the cast, the crew, all, if it wasn’t done by this group of people, you couldn’t. You wouldn’t.” You wouldn’t.”

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