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Home and Away reveals Heath Braxton return drama in 65 spoiler pictures

Your whole picture set displays what is to be seen on UK screens throughout the week starting on Monday 22 February.

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Colby’s referral to hospital is Monday, February 22

After any of the other prisoners have targeted him in jail, he’s in a bad position.

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Colby’s destiny remains unclear on Monday, 22 February

If he is going to get through is doubtful.

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Monday, 22 February: The case is rough for Jasmine

She’s surprised to be admitted as a patient to her close neighbour.

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Monday 22 February: Newcomer Lewis Jasmine Comforts

The old friends knew and caught each other in union.

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Monday 22 February: Lewis is attracted to Jasmine’s assistance

The warning for the assault on Colby was banned from Jasmine, but she and Lewis are planning to get it.

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Bella arrives on Monday 22 February.

Over Bella’s condition, Jasmine fills up Bella.

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Monday, 22 February: Dean is in a hospital as well

He remembered his deepest fears.

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Monday 22 February: Bella and the Dean discover Christian in the room of Colby

You shouldn’t be there yet, but Christian offers you an excuse to tell Colby your farewell if things get worse.

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Bella gets emotional Monday 22 February

Having her sibling in such a way is awful.

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Monday, 22 February: Dean’s dark.

Colby is clearly a big prison priority and will remain in danger, while he will survive this incident.

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Monday 22 February: Bella to leave side with Colby

Would he be all right?

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Speak to Alf and Martha Monday 22 February

The involvement of Martha’s son Kieran is also uncomfortable to Alf.

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Martha wishes Kieran a decent opportunity Monday 22 February

She loves her son everywhere.

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Monday 22 February: Stress stops Irene

Can Alf and Martha rip the problem apart?

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Monday 22 February: Alone with Alf, Kieran

Alf doesn’t want him, he can already tell.

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Monday 22 February: Alf has Kieran a stern phrase

He confesses, Kieran would be out if it were up to him.

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Kieran mocks Alf on Monday 22 February

He reminds Alf that in this case his perspective does not appear to count.

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Monday 22 February: not satisfied with Alf.

The action of Kieran is not to make Alf loveable.

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Tuesday, February 23: The partnership between Ari and Mackenzie

They were out together for a swim.

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Ari and Mackenzie kiss Tuesday, February 23:

They would be disrupted, though.

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Bella’s walking nearby on Tuesday, February 23

Since her hospital stay, she’s feeling down.

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23rd of February: Ari and Mackenzie speak to Bella

In about Colby, she loads them.

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Tuesday 23 February: the shock of Ari and Mackenzie

Before now, they hadn’t heard Colby news.

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Tuesday 23 February: Kieran’s covert

He sees his underground alcohol supply through his wallet.

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Kieran is also having drink on Tuesday, 23 February

His family didn’t know.

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Tane moves on to the beach on Wednesday 24 February.

Tanbe clears his mind on a busy day ahead by surfing.

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24th of February Wednesday: Ziggy is looking at Tane

She slept with Tane lately, but since then she has ignored her.

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Tané and Ziggy speak Wednesday, February 24

Tane asks Ziggy about his calls being ignored.

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Wednesday, 24 February: Dean has stopped

He’s going to want to talk to Tane.

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Wednesday, 24 February: Dean faces Tane

Dean has come up with a proposal to help Tane and Ari with Paul and Leon out of the mess in which they are.

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Wednesday, 24 February: Dean invites Tane to work

Though he supports Paratas, Dean is not Tane’s fan.

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24 February Wednesday: both Dean and Tane walk down.

The exchange was uncomfortable for Ziggy.

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Tane and Ari are planning to execute their strategy on Wednesday, 24 February

Today with Paul and Leon they want to solve their dilemma.

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Wednesday 24 February: Talk to Paul and Leon with Ari and Tane

When they commit armed robbery later, they say they will require back-up.

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Wednesday 24 February: Paul and Leon are stuck

You consent to be later.

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Tane and Ari come for work on Wednesday, February 24

There is a lot at stake.

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Tané and Ari came out of the car on Wednesday 24 February

A dangerous theft in a league club is expected from them.

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Tane and Ari speak with their enemies on Wednesdays 24 February

They are challenged to do the task.

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Wednesday 24th February: A familiar face is coming.

Heath Braxton is back!

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Wednesday, 24 February: The presence of Heath will be felt

He’s been tipped off by Dean for the role.

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Wednesday 24 February: Heath leaves the car

A party of River Boys helps him.

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Wednesday, 24 February: Heath is getting charge

He’s fighting the rival gang with the River Boys.

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Wednesday 24 February: Dean, Heath, thanks for your support

The loyalty of River Boy is proving strong.

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Monday 24 February: Dean’s Heath

Paul and Leon will not have to fear Paratas again.

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Thursday 25 February: Christian also reflects on the future

In Summer Bay he wants to secure a rental spot.

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Tori is satisfied with Christ’s plans Thursday 25 February

It reflects his devotion to their ties.

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Tori and Christian could not be happier Thursday, 25 February

Christian today will speak with Susie McAllister, the real estate agent to discuss his options.

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Thursday, 25 February: Christian is in reverse

He could not find a house. He did not.

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Thursday 25 February: Justin triggers more difficulties

Christian could just move into the Morgan building, he suggested.

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Thursday, 25 February: Tori is offended by Justin because he mentions Christian

She’s reluctant to move in Christian.

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Thursday 25 February: The health of Justin is once again a cause for concern

Since he died in the garage he was rushed to the hospital.

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Thursday 25 February: Justin is brought to check-up by Christian

Fortunately, Justin only has muscle pain and nothing more serious.

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Friday, 26 February: Settled by Justin, Tori and Christian should centre Self.

They speak about the future – and Tori is suggesting Christian shocks.

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Tori accepts the suggestion of Christian on Friday 26 February

Even if it was a disappointment, Tori feels now is the right moment.

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Tori and Christian kiss Friday, 26 February

It is the beginning of an entirely new chapter.

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Tori and Christian will break the news soon, Friday 26 February

Some would be scared, much like Justin, that they go so soon.

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Friday, 26 February: Jasmin in the gym is visited by Lewis.

For her, he has a treat.

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Friday 26 February: Lewis heads to work with Jasmin

Jasmine is pleased that several hospital shifts have been won by Lewis.

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Friday 26 February Lewis is closer together with Jasmine.

Though they are friends, between them a chemistry appears to develop.

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Friday 26 February: Jasmine hopes to see Lewis more.

Is relationship going to something more?

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Friday 26 February: John’s dates

He has formed a bond with immobiliary advisor Susie.

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Susie appears to be charmed by John Friday, February 26

Yet John is concerned that the date is not going well after a few uncomfortable moments.

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Susie and John are disrupted by Friday, 26 February

Irene is coming over. Irene comes over.

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Friday, 26 February: John says he is shocked.

In reality, he called Irene to arrive and rescue the date in an emergency.

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Friday 26 February: John invites Irene to sit down.

Susie is friendly, but she would rather have been left alone with John deep down.

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