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Home and Away Spoilers – Has Alf caught out Mackenzie and Levi?


The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie and Levi fear that Alf has found out about their romance, while Cash receives a scared call from Stevie.

Next week, when he starts a new job, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) will be put to the test since Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) phones him and says she is afraid for her life.

In a recent episode, Cash was hired as Stevie’s bodyguard after the former police officer called the security company he was employed for to enquire about anything more difficult than mall security at Yabbie Creek.

When Cash showed up on the opulent yacht Stevie was renting, he was perplexed by the relatively casual interview format and had no idea who the well-known horror actress was in real life.


Stevie revealed how a stalker had been tormenting her, even breaking into her house to take pictures of her while she slept.

Cash declined the position after advising Stevie to stop using social media and making press appearances for her own safety. Cash reasoned that he couldn’t protect her if she wasn’t prepared to assist herself. But he did call his superiors to tell them that Stevie was a sitting duck on that boat and that she needed to get off.

Later, after learning that he was the only one who had contacted the company with his worries, Stevie went to Cash’s residence in the hopes of persuading him to change his mind. Reluctantly, Cash consented as long as Stevie heeded his counsel, and he was able to get her a more secure hotel room.

Next week, Cash finds it difficult to get Stevie to uphold her end of the agreement. Cash leads Stevie back inside after noticing that she is standing on the balcony in plain sight of any potential threats and suggests that she change her plans.


She should cancel her scheduled appearances at a fundraiser and movie premiere, and she should instead have an online meeting with the director of a film she’d like to try out for.

To Cash’s dismay, Stevie grudgingly calls off the fundraiser but, more to his dismay, just won’t consider his other suggestions. He questions Stevie’s sincerity when he brings up her pledge to make concessions for her personal security.

A knock on the door by Paul (Darren Eastes), who is relieving Cash of his responsibilities for the evening, cuts short the talk.

Cash is begged not to go by Stevie, but he tells her that she is in good hands with Paul.


Later, Stevie phones Cash and begs him to return immediately since Paul is boring her to death talking about his kid’s soccer team and putting her life in risk.

Cash draws a boundary by telling Stevie he’ll see her tomorrow before hanging up and turning his phone to silent. He also reminds her that Paul is there for her security, not for her amusement.

That evening, Cash notices multiple calls, but he doesn’t answer them.

But when Cash has to listen to a tonne of voicemails the following morning, he’s taken aback to hear Stevie’s hysterical message telling him that she’s been living alone for hours since Paul was poisoned!

As Cash rushes to the hotel, what will he discover there?

In another scene in Summer Bay, when Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Levi (Tristan Gorey) lose themselves in a PDA, they run the risk of ruining their relationship.


While having their romance, the two had been communicating at Mac’s farmhouse to keep Levi’s sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) from learning.

Despite having called it quits, believing that the pressure from Levi to dissolve his marriage for her was too much, Mac caved in to temptation and they started dating again.

Next week, Eden praises her brother for listening to her complain to Levi about Cash’s new work that requires him to travel frequently. Although she is aware that Cash would never betray her, she acknowledges that ever since their father left the family home to cheat on their mother, she has struggled with trust.

After spending the night with Mac, Levi goes out to the beach with her the next morning, when she surfs for the first time since having the heart attack. Eden is shocked to find her brother back there as Levi runs into her again.

Eden laughs that he’s still lying to Imogen about visiting her when he gets summoned up to Northern Districts Hospital for “work,” claiming that living with their father for all those years has clearly worn off.

Levi, who is frustrated, asks Eden if she has ever thought about looking at it from his father’s perspective—he was just following his heart—because he has his own affair on the brain and now knows precisely how his father felt.

Levi storms off when Eden merely retorts that their dad should have remembered he already had a wife and kids.

After Mac follows, Levi takes the opportunity to vent. He tells her that even after all these years, Eden won’t stop berating their father and that it wasn’t just an affair for him—he had fallen in love.

Mac gives Levi a kiss to console him, but as they part ways, Mac is startled to see Alf (Ray Meagher) strolling close by!

Has Alf just figured out what their little secret is?

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