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Home and Away : Take a look at 19 spoiler pictures From the upcoming scenes from march 22


Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, March 22.

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The Paratas have a family barbeque on Wednesday, March 24.

Ari is in charge of the meeting.

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Tane makes everybody entertained on Wednesday, March 24.

He sings and plays the guitar.


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Bella loves her time with Nikau on Wednesday, March 24.

She’s devised a plan to drive Chloe safe by persuading Ryder to spend time with her.

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Ari has welcomed Mia to the barbeque on Wednesday, March 24.

Mac, on the other hand, has not been invited.


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Mia asks a question on Wednesday, March 24. Aria is a young woman who is

She’s curious as to why Mac isn’t at the barbeque, despite the fact that she’s meant to be his girlfriend.

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Wednesday, March 24: Ari is having difficulty explaining himself.

He acknowledges that the situation is complicated for him and that he doesn’t want to hurt Mac.


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Wednesday, March 24: Mia decides to leave the band.

She isn’t pleased with the way things are going.

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Wednesday, March 24: Mac observes the conversation.

It’s just another proof that she’s on the verge of losing Ari.

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Thursday, March 25: John is concerned about Marilyn’s safety.

After judging Ryder and Chloe’s cocktail-making competition, Marilyn paid a drunken visit to John’s. She slips on her way out.


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Thursday, March 25:Marilyn has suffered an illness.

John, on the other hand, comes to the rescue.

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Thursday, March 25: John double-checks Marilyn’s well-being.

Her head is sliced, and her ankle is bent.

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Thursday, March 25: John keeps an eye on Marilyn.

She’ll obviously need to be rushed to the hospital.

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Marilyn makes another call to John the following day, on Thursday, March 25.

She praises him for his assistance, but Susie ruins the show by announcing that she has moved in with John.

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Friday, March 26: Jasmine and Tori are concerned about hospital tensions.

Lewis and Christian are both at odds.

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Friday, March 26: Jasmine and Tori talk about what’s going on.

They agree it would be better if Christian understood that Lewis had a grudge against him.

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Friday, March 26: Lewis is afraid to disclose the facts to Christian.

He holds Christian responsible for his partner Anna’s death.

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Lewis actually snaps on Friday, March 26.

About Christian, he can’t keep his cool.

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Friday, March 26: Lewis reveals why he is so enraged.

He argues that Christian’s carelessness was to blame for Anna’s murder.

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Christian is taken aback on Friday, March 26.

He has difficulty remembering the situation at hand. Is he able to show that he was not at fault?

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