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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson makes a difficult confession to his mum Karen


Dean Thompson of Home and Away will have a difficult week on UK television next week, as his mother Karen returns.

When Karen (Patrick O’Connor) comes in Summer Bay after being away for several days, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is both relieved and concerned.

Dean will learn about Karen’s (Georgia Adamson) strange disappearance in upcoming episodes on Channel 5.

He then spends the next few days trying to call everyone Karen knows in the hopes of solving the riddle and ensuring her safety.


When Karen appears in the Bay and accuses Dean of “stalking” her with his frantic phone calls, everything becomes evident.

Dean is relieved to see Karen, but he also feels embarrassed because he hasn’t been completely honest with her about his recent life changes.

Dean tells Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) that he has never told Karen about his small son Jai.

This is primarily because Jai’s mother, Amber, does not want Karen engaged in his upbringing and has advised Dean to keep her away from him.


When Karen eventually explains where she has been for the past few days, it provides a welcome diversion from Dean’s worries.

Karen admits to fleeing Brett, a man who wishes to marry her.

Karen has been dating Brett for a year and enjoys his company, but his recent proposal has caught her off guard, and she is unsure what to do.

Later, Dean instructs John Palmer (Shane Withington) to keep Karen occupied while he and Ziggy clean up the farmhouse of all evidence of Jai.


The pair thinks they’ve buried their tracks, but Karen discovers a photograph of Jai on the floor that they’d overlooked.

Dean makes the difficult decision to tell Karen the truth about Jai.

Karen is taken aback when she learns she has a grandchild, but Dean explains that he can only see Jai if Karen doesn’t.

Karen is devastated by the news, blaming herself for having been a lousy parent in the past.

Dean is left wondering if telling Karen was the correct decision.

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