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Sarah Roberts of Home And Away has teased Zoe Venoura’s return to the show, and our hearts may burst with joy. “They should both ride off into the sunset together.”


One of the only monumental couples of Home And Away, Willow & Alex, left the void in the centre of the spectator, calling it to cease last year.

And it seems like fans are not the only one who struggles to reconcile women.

Sarah Roberts has proven that she has pitched the concept of Alex’s return to the creators. She played one half of the pair along with the actual animals Zoe Ventoura.

As the characters’ hearts split, so did ours. (Seventh Channel)

“I needed people who aren’t normally represented on tv to be represented,” Sarah told


“We never expected such a positive response.

However, I think you’ll have to wait to see what happens.”

Alex and Willow were two of the most popular characters in the audience. (Seventh Channel)

Willow left town last year after betraying cop Colby in the shocking witness X courtroom, but she has just returned.

According to speculation, Willow should quit the show indefinitely.


It’s likely that Willow’s ex, Alex, will come to Summer Bay to whisk her off her feet and sail off into the sunset, as Sarah said.

We’ll just have to watch to see what happens, as Sarah said…

Sarah, Sam, and Zoe are real-life friends. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Sarah and Zoe hang out outside of the show on a daily basis, including this weekend with fellow co-star Sam Frost at the Australian Women’s Film Festival.

“What an amazing day honouring and promoting female filmmakers with two of the most stunning ladies inside and out,” Sam wrote alongside a photo of Sarah and Zoe.


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