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Home and Away spoilers: Susie knocks Irene out with chloroform


In the Bay, Susie’s (Bridie Carter) evil schemes have come to a head, when Justin (James Stewart) calls the estate agent and discovers they have no idea who he is. Furthermore, the dream house he believed he and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) had purchased was sold to someone else.

When Susie fails to turn up for their meeting outside the Diner, the couple becomes increasingly worried and irritated. Susie is desperately packing her belongings at John’s (Shane Withington) house while loading up her laptop to move a large amount of money to herself.

When Justin and Leah have had enough, they go to John’s house and confront Susie, but she pulls the wool over their eyes again with some smooth talking and says she’ll take care of the estate agent.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) is still sceptical, and after learning some new details about Susie from Willow (Sarah Roberts), she goes to John’s house to deliver a message.


Susie plays the victim before turning away and realising it is real.

Irene goes to call the cops, oblivious to the fact that Susie is following her with a rag.

She covers Irene’s face until she collapses unconscious on the floor. Susie grabs her belongings and does a runner, satisfied that the chloroform has done its job….

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