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7 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes


Following Susie’s dramatic exit from Summer Bay, Leah stepped up her campaign to bring her to justice on Australia’s Home and Away this week.

In other news, Jasmine was shocked to learn the terrible truth about Lewis, while Nikau was given an exciting new job opportunity.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with seven major questions.

1. Could Susie still be caught out?


It’s been nearly a month after Susie stole Justin and Leah’s life savings and left Summer Bay, but Leah is adamant that she should not go unpunished for her heinous crimes.

This week, Leah spent the majority of her time on an online scam site, where she found further evidence of Susie’s previous deceptions. Susie’s method of operation became apparent, and Leah was able to track down other aliases she had used in the past.

Justin was worried that Leah was becoming obsessed with her search for justice because she was so focused on it. When Leah suggested enlisting the help of a frail John in her fightback, Roo and Marilyn warned that he wouldn’t be up to it.

When it comes to researching Susie’s history, Leah seems to have had more luck than the cops so far. Is there always a possibility that Susie can get her just desserts despite her efforts?


2. Will Amber and Dean split up?

Dean recently demonstrated his devotion to Amber by expressing interest in having more children with her, but the Summer Bay couple suffered a setback this week. Dean was unable to reciprocate Amber’s love when she told him she loved him.

Amber turned to Dean’s sister Mac for a heart-to-heart now that Willow was no longer living in Summer Bay. Amber was asked by Mac, who had her own heartbreaking experience with Ari to draw on, about whether she was able to be Dean’s second best. Amber was left to think about the fact that Dean was still in love with Ziggy.

Dean later reassured Amber with several promises, despite his refusal to use the L-word unless he really meant it. Amber seemed to support his excuses for the time being, but has a seed of doubt been planted in her mind about their relationship’s future?


3. Will Jasmine and Tori’s tensions be reignited?

For a while, Jasmine and Tori’s relationship had been on solid ground, but Lewis’s evil schemes have threatened to tear them apart. As he tried to avenge the death of his ex-partner Anna, Lewis came dangerously close to killing Christian in this week’s episodes.

Christian was rescued when Tori and Jasmine arrived just in time to save him. During the nail-biting battle to save Christian’s life, however, a terrified Tori warned Jasmine to stay away from him.

Later, Jasmine confided in Irene that she was afraid Tori would hold her responsible for bringing Lewis into their lives and causing too much havoc. Will the friends be able to come together in this time of crisis?

4. What next for Jasmine?

After the tragedy of Robbo’s death last year, Jasmine’s arrival in Summer Bay was meant to be her chance for a fresh start. Because of her friendship with Lewis, Jasmine was able to achieve several significant life milestones, such as removing her wedding ring and resuming her search for love.


Unfortunately, now that Lewis’s evil plan has been revealed to everyone, Jasmine has come to the realisation that she trusted the wrong guy. Is this going to undo the progress she’s made in her life in recent months?

5. Are Ryder and Chloe over already?


Mac gave Ryder a promotion at Salt but told him that he’d have to deal with the tough side of management. It was a difficult week for Ryder. With the excuse of the restaurant being “over-staffed,” he had to shoot his own girlfriend Chloe.

Mac harshly gave Chloe her marching orders because Loyal Ryder was unable to do so. Chloe was devastated to learn that Ryder had been aware of Mac’s plans in advance and had neglected to inform her.

Mac openly revealed that she was getting rid of Chloe for personal reasons, and the fallout turned into a scandal that had everyone in Summer Bay talking. After what happened with Ari, a distraught Mac said that Chloe’s presence at work made her feel uneasy, so she should be let go.

Chloe chastised Ryder for not doing more to defend her after she lost her job and warned that she wants more from her boyfriend. Ryder attempted to accept this by quitting Salt in protest, but it’s possible that this won’t be enough for Chloe.

6. Does Nikau have a new career on the horizon?

Bella was joined by Nikau at a city awards ceremony where she had received a prize for her photography. It wasn’t just Bella who was the centre of attention at the festival, much to Nikau’s surprise.

Bella had entered the contest with a picture of Nikau, so he was the centre of attention at the crowd. A top modelling agent who had been in attendance approached Nikau the next morning and offered him jobs.

Bella was overjoyed at the news, but was perplexed when Nikau said he’d decline the offer because he didn’t want to be a part of the “false” modelling community. Might Bella’s refusal to let it go persuade Nikau to reconsider his decision to become a model?

7. Is Justin facing a downward spiral?

This week brought more concerning scenes for Justin, as he continued to suffer from back pain as a result of his recent health issues. Justin had been taking more painkillers than was prescribed, and as a result, he had used up his supply until it was due to expire.

When Justin’s doctor declined to give him any more pills for at least a week, he had no choice but to look for a new supply elsewhere.

Justin proceeded to over-medicate, repeating his previous mistake. It appears that a worrying dependence is forming, which can only lead to further issues for Justin.

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