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Home and Away legend Ray Meagher brands Neighbours axe “a travesty”


Ray Meagher, who starred in Home and Away, is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Neighbours’ finale, calling it a “travesty.”

Our time in Erinsborough is practically over, as the Ramsay Street soap was announced to be cancelled earlier this year, and the final scenes for the programme have already been taped.

Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart in Summer Bay, told TV Tonight, “It’s awful.”

“It’s a real pity. It was a forerunner in the genre. Sales to the BBC of five episodes each week were a first for a soap. They were a great hit not only in the United States, but all throughout the world. It’s a travesty that it’s finally over.”


Home and Away premiered three years after Neighbours, so it won’t be long until the Sydney-based drama catches up and, most likely, overtakes it.

“We’ll have to wait a few years to catch up to them, assuming we do.” In this day and age, who knows?” Meagher went on to say.

But Meagher is certain that Home and Away will be the longest-running of the two soaps overall, to the point where he believes it will be nearly unkillable — at least for a few of years.

“I’ve always believed that when our show is as robust as it is now, it would take three years to destroy it even if it fell into the hands of total fools.”


Let’s hope Ray is correct for Summer Bay supporters!

Georgie Parker, Meagher’s co-star, recently expressed her disappointment with Neighbours’ cancellation, telling Digital Spy last month that the news was “extremely sad for the industry.”

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