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Is Ditch Davey Leaving the Bay? here is what you need to know


Ditch Davey’s appearance as Christian Green in the long-running television soap opera Home and Away has given him a lot of fans. Although the show has added a number of characters to the storey since its inception, Christian’s character has remained one of the most important for quite some time. However, in a recent episode, it is revealed that Lewis attempts to murder Christian, raising questions among fans about Ditch’s possible departure from the show. More information about Ditch’s future in Home and Away can be found below.

Is Ditch Davey leaving Home and Away?

Lewis is depicted as a serial killer on the loose in a hospital who has set out to kill Christian as a means of vengeance. Lewis thinks Christian is to blame for his wife Anna’s and the baby’s deaths. Though he has previously failed in his attempts, a recent twist in the plot shows him on the verge of completing his task, as he has Christian bound to a hospital bed with a needle in his side. Many of Davey’s fans may have been wondering about his potential departure as his character was on the verge of being killed off.

However, there has been no confirmation of Davey’s intentions to leave the show, so his character is likely to survive the threat to his life. According to, both Jasmine and Tory are worried about Lewis’ emotional condition and the two characters’ absence. They realise they could be in the hospital’s unused ward after searching the facility extensively. However, the fate of Christian remains unknown, since it is unknown if they can encounter Christian at the appropriate time.


Home and Away premiered in 1988 and has remained one of the most popular shows on Australian television ever since. To date, the show has aired over 7500 episodes on television. Aside from Ditch Davey, the show features Penny McNamee, Sam Frost, Chloe Anderson, Mia Anderson, and a slew of other actors.

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