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Some cool newcomers arriving on Home And Away to take care of one of the show’s most “raw and real” stories yet


After losing not one but two Home And Away favourites this year, with Willow, played by Sarah Roberts, and Colby, played by Tim Franklin, it was only a matter of time before a new batch of arrivals arrived in Summer Bay.

And now we know who they (yes, there are TWO of them) are.

Laura McDonald, a former Victoria Secret model and actress, has announced that she will be joining the cast alongside Jaime Robbie Reyne, also known as JR.

Laura has also starred in shows such as The Secret She Keeps.

Laura spilt some of her “true and raw” plot to the Daily Telegraph, not only revealing that she and JR will be moving to Summer Bay.


Laura said, “We certainly look into disordered eating for sure,” before adding that she didn’t think she’d get the part.

“As a 25-year-old ten-year-old wife, when this audition brief was sent to me, I figured I was over my primary role.

JR will also be appearing on the programme.

Friend and newcomer JR has appeared in famous Australian soaps such as Winners & Losers, The Secret Daughter, and Neighbours.

From 2002 to 2004, the 35-year-old starred Erinsborough High School hunk and football team captain Taj Coppin.


Taj’s storyline with Delta Goodrem, who famously played Nina Tucker on the show, was one of the show’s most unforgettable.

Can you recall him? (The tenth channel)

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