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A ransom, a breakdown and an intervention: 9 huge Home and Away spoilers


This week in the Bay was tense as locals heard that four of the young people have disappeared. When Paul and his thugs claim a ransom, Ari (Rob kipa-Williams), Roo (Georgie Parker), Martha (Belinda giblin), Alf (Ray Meagher), Mia (Anna Samson), Tane, Ryder (Lukas Radovich), Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), Chloe (Sam Barrett), and Bella (Courtney Miller) are wake up (Ethan Browne),

Meanwhile, Martha’s hallucinations are at an all-time high, and Irene (Lynne McGranger) is the first to notice. Will she cooperate when Alf and Roo know they need to stage an intervention? In addition, Amber (Madeleine Jevic) struggles with her current living arrangement and makes a hasty decision that devastates Dean (Patrick O’Connor).

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away in the coming weeks.

For the abducted teenagers, Paul demands a ransom.

The four teenagers have been dumped in a shipping container for the night, and when the door is eventually opened in the morning, they find Paul and his gang have returned for more vengeance on Ari and Tane. Tane receives a call as Nikau is dragged out of the jar. Paul advises the Parata brothers that they must give up themselves in order to free the teenagers.


Mia keeps Ari responsible for Chloe’s disappearance.

Mia and Ari’s love bubble bursts after a steamy night together when they discover Chloe and Nikau are missing. Mia dismisses the situation at first, assuming they were having too much fun and are avoiding calls. However, when Alf and Roo express concern about Ryder failing to turn up for work, Mia realises Ari is once again entangled in something. She connects the dots and instantly accuses him of putting her daughter in danger.

Tori gets in the way of Justin and Leah’s house-hunting.

When Leah and Justin return from their house hunting trip, they are confident they have found the perfect home. Tori is happy to express her thoughts and recommends that she visit the house herself. Justin drives her there, and when they get back, he’s changed his mind. When Leah learns Tori’s view on the house has taken over, she is enraged. Tori doesn’t know she’s gone too far until Christian points out that she didn’t want the home.

Tane is told it’s over by Ziggy.

In the wake of Nikau and Chloe’s disappearance, Tane receives a call from Paul, telling him that the price of the teens’ freedom is him and Ari turning up. Tane keeps the information from Ziggy and speeds away with Ari while Mia realises the reality of the case. Later, as he appears triumphantly at Ziggy’s entrance, he is taken aback when Ziggy is less than impressed. She believes that she has had her trust violated in the past by men who have lied to her, and that he has done the same. She closes the door in his face, signalling the end of their relationship.

Martha’s mental condition is getting worse.

Martha’s Kieran hallucinations continue, as does her emotional distress over his sudden disappearance. Although she has told Alf and Roo that she needs a spare caravan for her painting, she has been stocking it with supplies in order to keep her son hidden. As Martha ‘sees’ Kieran on the pier and starts up a conversation with him, Irene emerges – and sees her friend having a conversation with nothing.


Amber makes the decision to remain with Jai.

Amber has recently decided to move into the Pier Apartment with Dean in order to co-parent Jai. She is saddened, however, when he declines to drive his son to school, and her disappointment turns to rage when she sees him walking along the beach with Ziggy. Amber informs Dean right away that moving in was a big mistake and that she intends to move out as soon as possible.

The romance between Lewis and Jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine and Lewis have just shared their first kiss, and Jasmine has agreed to take off her wedding ring after a tough year filled with sadness for Robbo. On her day off, she has gym work to do, but Lewis has other plans and whisks her away for a romantic date by the lake. Jasmine praises him on the picnic he’s put together, and the two grow closer as they reminisce about their time at university together.

Marilyn receives divorce papers from Susie.

Susie is upset that Alf hasn’t signed over the presidency to John, so she pressures him to confront him in the Diner. Susie urges John to keep moving before Alf snaps and angrily signs the papers, resulting in a tense standoff. Marilyn arrives at the Surf Club to chastise John for his treatment of Alf, and after she leaves, Susie suggests that it’s time to start divorce proceedings – after all, they aren’t together any longer. Susie triumphantly marches into the Diner later and feeds Marilyn with divorce papers, crushing Marilyn.

The feud between Lewis and Christian has resurfaced.

Christian apologised for the result of Anna’s surgery when he spoke with Lewis recently. Lewis, on the other hand, misinterprets Christian’s words as an admission of guilt for the operation that resulted in her death. Lewis says he’s doing fine after Christian took responsibility for Anna when they run into each other outside the Surf Club. Christian frowns and expresses regret for the loss, but he denies any involvement in the incident. Willow sees the two men in a tense standoff, and Lewis returns to his feelings of contempt for Dr Green.


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