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From the archives: Take a look at Chris Hemsworth’s Home And Away glory days with all the best photos of him as Kim Hyde Consider this an ode to the Summer Bay star.


To be perfectly frank, this article is simply an excuse for us to spend a large portion of our workday looking at pictures of Chris Hemsworth.

Is it possible to accuse us? No, it’s not true.

Do you appreciate our hard work and enjoy these throwback pictures as much as we do? We really hope so.

We all know Chris got his start in one of Australia’s most popular TV cities, Summer Bay, on Home and Away, playing Kim Hyde.

What you may not know is that TV WEEK has a large and comprehensive archive of images from different shows over the years. This archive is a gold mine, and we’re digging through it to find every single photo of Chris from Home And Away we can.


Below are some of Chris’ most unforgettable Summer Bay moments.

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Kim arrived in Summer Bay in 2004 after his father was appointed as the new principal of the high school. Barry and Kim, on the other hand, did not get along. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim rescued Noah from drowning after he fell unconscious in the surf in one of his first major scenes in Summer Bay. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim’s first love interest on the show was Hayley, played by Bec Hewitt nee Cartwright – what a couple! (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim and Hayley were engaged to be married before their wedding day went wrong and the bride-to-be revealed she always had feelings for someone else. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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We can see Chris doing things like being the perfect gentlemen and changing a tyre for the elderly. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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We’re not sure why Kim was riding a horse, but we’re sure it had something to do with Summer Bay. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim, thank you for your reflections. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim married Rachel only once while living in Summer Bay (which was odd in comparison to the rest of the town). (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim and Kit spent their last night together, despite the fact that he was engaged to Rachel, after finding themselves in a life-or-death situation and thinking they were going to die. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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When Kim and Kit made it out alive and Rachel discovered the truth of what had happened, things were uncomfortable to say the least… (Photo courtesy of the author)

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When Kit returned to town pregnant with Kim’s child – on the day of his wedding! – the awkwardness reached new heights. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Kim and Rachel’s honeymoon didn’t last long! (Photo courtesy of the author)

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Inevitably, Kim prefered Kit over Rachel and accompanied her out of town. (Photo courtesy of the author)

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