Sunday, April 14, 2024

Home and Away star reveals secrets about Lyrik’s music


The star of Home and Away Adam Rowland talks about how the show’s band songs are captured on camera.

– We work along with our team that manages all the music to learn every song we perform. We may also use playback depending on the shot and the subject matter we are attempting to capture. Sometimes I just play the music, which is amazing, especially when I have the guitar. I adore being able to perform music and act simultaneously at work. And since you can play it live, it definitely enables you to fully immerse yourself in the action while you’re shooting.

Yes, it’s amazing. Many people have approached me to comment on how amazing it is that the show include music. Because music is very vital, I believe that it gives the presentation a lot of vitality. When music is present throughout sequences that we film, I find that the atmosphere is just fantastic. I mean, I’m guilty of being that guy in the corner who is simply enjoying himself while playing the guitar in between takes. The populace, however, adores it. On set, it creates a really positive atmosphere.

Yes, I believe that during COVID, I shifted my focus away from the music and concentrated much more on the acting. I was therefore prepared to go when I received this audition. But because of being on the show, I was able to rediscover my music and collaborate with some amazing musicians. Watch this space, then.


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