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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger reveals some problems that may be caused by Irene plot


“I found that to be incredibly taxing.”

The following article addresses sexual assault, which could be disturbing to some readers.

Lynne McGranger, star of Home and Away, has opened up about one of her most complicated storylines.

Irene Roberts, the actress’s iconic character, was at the core of a big plot in 2019, when she screamed at the villainous Tommy and nearly killed him.


Irene was defending Bella Nixon from Tommy, who was attempting to assert himself on her after grooming her online and setting up a meeting. Irene’s own past as a victim of violence was also discussed in the plot, which clarified her response to Tommy’s crimes.

Lynne was asked if she can switch off from Irene’s more traumatic storylines in a new interview with soaps podcast Soap From The Box.

“I am able to cut off,” Lynne answered, “because I believe you would go insane if you brought it around with you.” It’s only one thing I’ve noticed: it’s exhausting.

This was when I had to make the last big storyline, which was when I went in to see that Bella was attacked by Tommy, who was online.


The rest of the community did not understand why I nearly killed the man, so she had to make it clear to the city.

We then filmed the bludgeoning about eight weeks later, due to circumstances and holidays.

Working with Courtney Miller, who plays Bella, was a highlight of the difficult experience, according to Lynne.

She said, ” “Courtney is incredible and well beyond her years in terms of talent. She is simply a stunning, natural actress.”


On Sunday, Lynne’s full interview with Soap From The Box will be available online (April 4).

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