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Home and Away star Shane Withington told that John will ‘devastate’ Marilyn


Shane Withington of Home and Away discusses the tragic John romance scam, moving on from one of Summer Bay’s longest romances, and how much he enjoys playing the “crazy” Surf Club manager.

Shane Withington of Home and Away has revealed that conwoman Susie McAllister is planning drastic steps to hold a besotted John under her spell.

Shane revealed to that John’s loving ex Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) will be left heartbroken in the new step in Susie’s scheme to defraud John.

Are you lonely?

Following a stroke that left him needing treatment, John was left feeling very lonely after breaking up with a shocked Marilyn last year.

When Marilyn matched him on an app, John thought his luck had changed!

But, as his rehabilitation progressed, it seemed as if they were destined to be reunited when Marilyn ‘swiped right’ on John’s profile on dating app Silver Dreams by mistake!

Shane remarked, “He got his hopes up.” He tried to cover it up when Marilyn said she didn’t mean to’like’ him, but he wandered off in a state.”

a simple goal

Susie, a flirty estate agent, seems to have taken a shine to him. But he didn’t ask why she was so taken with him right away…

Marilyn is Susie’s goal!

Marilyn is heartbroken as a result of Sneaky Susie’s evil scheme!

Susie is pushing a wedge between John and his friends in addition to persuading him to let her move in. Then viewers caught a glimpse of her snooping through his financial documents.


She’s now splitting the former pair indefinitely to keep Marilyn’s intrusive nose out… With the aid of a divorce!

Shane revealed that John is isolated from Alf, who is angry at him.

“She hands Marilyn the divorce documents. I’m not sure he wanted Susie to bring the documents, but she says, “I’ll take care of it.” John is being handled as if he were a fish.”

For John and Marilyn, it’s the end of an age.

For several years on Home and Away, John and Marilyn had a happy marriage.

Shane admitted that he misses the dynamic between John and Marilyn. The Palmers had a remarkably long marriage for Summer Bay before last year.


Shane expressed his disappointment, saying, “It’s a shame they ripped us apart and broke the characters.”

Shane teased that audiences will see a more vulnerable side of the notoriously pig-headed John as the story progresses.

He also hinted that the consequences would be long-lasting.

I like how loud he is and how he always says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“He’s irritable… That sounds a lot like me! I get to show off my shortcomings in front of the world, which I enjoy!”

Susie, the thief, is clearly playing a long game and isn’t just after John’s money, which may mean more than one victim…


Volunteering in the society

Shane is passionate for local history outside of Summer Bay. He’s aided in the preservation of a number of locations in Sydney, including Currawong Beach, which is just across the bay from Palm Beach, where Home and Away is filmed.

Rather than constructing mansions all over it, all of the buildings have been preserved,” he revealed.

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