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11 huge Home and Away spoilers to watch out for in the next week


Willow is left to deal with the repercussions, while Ari’s romantic life becomes even more difficult.

Spoilers are available for Home and Away for UK viewers.

Willow returns to Summer Bay after her big deception on Home and Away, and she has to live with the repercussions of her big betrayal.

Ari is still torn between Mac and Mia, and Martha is still struggling in private.


Here’s a complete rundown of the 11 main events coming up.

1. Willow discusses why she chose Witness X.

Willow’s return to Summer Bay is greeted with mixed reactions. Dean and Bella are annoyed to see her, but Irene and Marilyn are delighted to see her.

Willow is soon involved in an argument with Bella, who accuses her of betraying Colby. This actually offers Willow the chance to justify why she joined up with Angelo as ‘Witness X.’

Colby was spiralling out of balance, Willow points out, and it was only a matter of time before his behaviour left them all in serious trouble. Willow felt it was time to kill Colby for the public good in order to defend their family.


Bella declines to believe Willow’s explanation, but Dean, although reluctantly, sees the logic in her words. When Dean rekindles his feelings for Willow, it appears that their relationship may be rekindled.

2. Willow makes an effort to assist Dean

Willow makes an unknown phone call, pleading for the caller to return to Summer Bay. All becomes apparent as Amber reappears, eager to resume building ties with Dean after Willow’s prodding.

Willow has been in touch with Amber and has been protecting Dean after his major kidnapping blunder. Amber is willing to give Dean another shot after hearing how badly he was suffering.

Dean is overjoyed as Amber acknowledges that keeping him away from Jai is no longer the best option. When Amber decides to begin the process of co-parenting with Dean, there is optimism for the future of the trio.


3. Willow tackles Ziggy

As Dean and Willow have reconciled, he reminds her of some of the new developments in Summer Bay. Most notably, he reminds Willow that Ziggy and Tane are now dating.

Willow makes a pointed comment on her lack of commitment to Dean as she next meets Ziggy. She shares her concern that Ziggy is squandering her time with the wrong man while Dean is the one for her.

Willow’s meddling does not impress Ziggy, and she makes it plain that she will not accept any lessons about honesty from anyone who has deceived their best friends. It’s obvious that Willow’s decision to join Witness X won’t be forgotten easily.

4. Martha’s psychiatric illness is still an issue.

After seeing Martha talking to herself, Roo and Alf are concerned for her safety. Martha is having dreams about her lost son Kieran, but she tries to shield them from her relatives and dispel their fears.

Since Roo and Alf are happy that Martha is fine, she starts to see visions of Kieran and is oblivious that he isn’t currently alive.

5. Mac has some bad news from Ari.

When Ari and Mac return from their vacation, their relationship appears to be in fine shape. When Mia walks in on them having a romantic moment at the Parata home, things go bad once again. Ari breaks up with Mac right afterwards, leaving his girlfriend perplexed because they weren’t doing anything wrong.


Mac’s insecurities around Ari’s ex-girlfriend resurface, and their relationship is thrown into disarray. Later, Ari is forthright with Mac, admitting that he needs more time to figure out what he wants.

6. Ari refuses to invite Mac to a Parata family barbeque.

Ari holds a barbeque for his family, including Ziggy and Bella. In light of their previous discussion, he agrees not to extend the invitation to Mac.

Ari invites Mia, which leads to an uncomfortable situation when she thinks Mac will be there as well and informs her. Mac is angry because she senses she is missing Ari, and she asks Mia not to take him away from her.

Ari’s ill-advised decision fails to trigger complications years after. Tane chastises him for taking Mac out of the barbeque and expresses his displeasure. Mia is still perplexed as to why she has an invite but Mac does not.

Mac arrives at the barbeque to see what’s going on, but when she notices Mia and Ari conversing quietly at the side of the kitchen, she agrees it’s better to leave.

7. Bella devises a plan to spend time alone with Nikau.

The barbeque is a rare event for Bella, who has been waiting for some time alone with Nikau. Since Chloe landed in Summer Bay and began to take up all of Nikau’s time, their friendship hasn’t been the same.

Bella wants Ryder to share more time with Chloe so that she won’t be tempted to make it to the barbeque for the second time. When Nikau learns what Bella has done, he is upset.

Nikau is still perplexed as to why Chloe and Ryder spend any time together at all, given that they appear to despise each other. Both vehemently deny that they’re warming up to each other.

8. Irene is concerned for Susie.

Leah and Justin plan to purchase a home together. They talk to real estate agent Susie about their choices after they’ve been pre-approved for a loan. Susie is very friendly, even promising to take them around certain properties before they are put on the market.

Irene has a vague feeling that Susie isn’t who she claims to be, and she attempts to voice her fears, but few others in the Bay tend to believe there’s much to be worried about when it comes to John’s latest love interest.

9. Marilyn had a bad accident.

After judging a cocktail-making match between Ryder and Chloe, Marilyn pays a tipsy visit to John’s place. She can’t stop herself from making fun of him for running for Surf Club president against Alf.

Marilyn takes a walk outside when she actually leaves. Marilyn has a cut on her scalp and a swollen hip, so John makes sure she goes to the hospital.

Marilyn returns the next day to thank John, but Susie, who is envious of Marilyn, decides to steal the show by revealing that she has moved in with John.

10. Susie intensifies her political bid.

Susie is also hell-bent on ensuring John’s victory in the forthcoming election. She hosts a dinner for the committee members, claiming that this is John’s opportunity to charm his way to victory.

Susie also lavishes attention on John, but when his back is turned, she appears repulsed by him. What really is she up to?

11. Christian learns the facts about Lewis’s past.

Christian and Lewis manage to fight at the hospital, much to Tori and Jasmine’s dismay. Both believe it is beyond time for Christian to learn the truth of why Lewis despises him so much, but Lewis is hesitant to bring up Anna’s death.

Finally, after another awkward conversation with Christian, Lewis snaps. Christian is taken aback when he learns he has a past with Lewis, but he has difficulty remembering the specifics of Anna’s situation. This further adds to Lewis’ annoyance.

Christian, who is dealing with the case, challenges Tori for staying quiet for too long about Lewis’s grudge. Tori emphasises that she was protected by strict secrecy guidelines.

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