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Home and Away: Marilyn got into a severe accident

Endemol Shine – Channel 5 With a cut on her head and a swollen ankle, John makes sure Marilyn gets to the hospital as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 13:15 and 18:00 on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7 in Australia

Marilyn stumbles across one of John’s campaign flyers while serving as the cocktail judge for Chloe and Ryder’s face-off, prompting her to go see him in her slightly inebriated state. When Marilyn storms into their old house, John finds it amusing. He offers to make her a cup of coffee, and she finds the entire campaign amusing.

While Marilyn is nearby, John notices a piece of Susie’s clothing. He decides not to tell Marilyn about Susie’s move in just yet, so he hides it. He tries everything he can to get Marilyn out, but as he turns away, he hears a horrifying scream and discovers Marilyn at the bottom of the front steps.


With a cut on her head and a swollen ankle, John makes sure Marilyn gets to the hospital as soon as possible. Susie’s rage quickly dissipates when she discovers Marilyn has been to her house and leaves a message for John.

Marilyn is humiliated and her ego is bruised, so she doesn’t understand what’s going on at the hospital. Marilyn is caught in the middle of a squabble between Lewis, the nursing manager, and Dr. Green. Susie puts on a spectacular show for John’s return, exaggerating every emotion.

Marilyn arrives with Alf at John’s the next morning to thank him for driving her to the hospital. He declines her offer of a nice breakfast together, claiming to be on his way out. Susie comes swanning out in a negligée, announcing she has moved in with John, just as Alf thinks something is awry.

Meanwhile, Nikau goes on the hunt for Chloe after discovering Bella was the reason she wasn’t at the family BBQ. Ryder and Chloe, on the other hand, are engrossed in a cocktail-making race, with Marilyn serving as an unwitting judge. After their competition, Nikau locates them and informs Chloe of the BBQ she skipped. She seems dissatisfied, but Nikau is more worried about Mia’s haste to abandon the party.


As Ryder learns of Marilyn’s accident, he accuses Chloe. Nikau is perplexed as to why Ryder is spending time with Chloe when they can’t stand each other. Ryder claims he has nothing but contempt for Chloe. Nikau even interrogates Chloe, who cries down his throat at the suggestion that they like each other.

When on their way to see Susie, Justin and Leah run into Tori and Christian. Justin baulks at telling Tori about their intentions to move into their own house, much to Leah’s dismay.

Irene almost puts her foot in it by inquiring about the meeting at the Diner, but Justin quickly conceals the truth. Irene asks how it went in private and whether Leah has any suspicions about Susie, which she doesn’t and advises Irene to give her a chance.

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