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Daryl Somers is confirmed to host Channel Seven’s reboot of Dancing with the Stars after 14 years


The first seasons of dancing with the stars were hosted by Daryl Somers.

And now the great Australian TV, 69, will come back to boot the programme.

According to TV Blackbox, the veteran TV channel host was screened at Channel Seven’s Eveleigh, Sydney for a promotional screening last week.

He’s just back! He’s back! Veteran entertainer Daryl Somers will return to host the rebooting of Channel Seven with the Stars fourteen years since the broadcast

“The star was also seen at the ICTC where the show is being movieised,” says the TV website.


Sonia Kruger, 55, is also set to return to the season, according to reports.

Past winners and runners-up will return for the new ‘all stars’ format, which will begin shooting in March.

Later this year, the class will run for three weeks.

Is she back? Sonia Kruger, 55, is also set to return to the season, according to reports.

Ada Nicodemou, who won the 2005 season of Home and Away, has announced her return to the dance floor.


‘When they first asked me, I was worried that I didn’t have it in me.’ ‘I’m 43 now, and I was afraid that I was getting too old,’ she explained.

‘But then I said to myself, “What’s more, guess what? After all, why not? It’s a challenge, because at the end of the day, that’s what life is all about. There will be new challenges “”‘ ‘

Daryl hosted the first seven seasons of Dancing with the Stars, which was a blast from the past. This photo was taken in 2004.

Aric Yegudkin, the actress’s original dance partner, will be reunited with her.

Ada will be joined by a number of former contestants, including 2007 runner-up Fifi Box, fellow actress Bec Hewitt, and accused drug trafficker Schapelle Corby.


A former contestant from My Kitchen Rules is also said to be in contract talks.

a complex pair: Darly Somers (left) and Sonia Kruger co-hosted Dance with the Stars from 2004 to 2007. (right). On September 26, 2006, in Melbourne, Australia.

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