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American actress Tara Reid is tricked into recording bizarre online Message for home and away star Kate Ritchie


Tara Reid, an American actress, was duped into creating a strange video message for Kate Ritchie, a former Home And Away star.

Nova FM co-hosts Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli paid the Hollywood actor, 45, $150 to make the personalised Cameo film.

Tara read out a script intended for the well-known Australian actress with a few amusing missteps, obviously unsure of who Kate was.

This week, Nova hosts Fitzy and Wippa duped American actress Tara Reid (pictured) into recording a weird online Cameo message for Kate Ritchie, which was littered with plenty of funny gaffes.

In the video, the Sharknado star seems to make a cheeky nod to Kate’s long-running appearance on Channel Seven’s drama, Home And Away, by accidentally mispronouncing Wippa and Kate’s titles.


‘Hey Katie Ritchie, it’s Tara Reid, and Fitzy and Woppa are waiting for you to contact them,’ she said, a stern yet happy smile on her lips.

‘They want you on the show whether you’re at home or out.’ Go to the studio and make their dreams come true. Call them at +44 (0) (0) (0) 132410. They’re big backers!’ she continued.

Tara appeared in the video, which was posted on Fitzy and Wippa’s Instagram page, with darker hair than her previous platinum blonde locks from her time in the spotlight in the early 2000s.

‘Hey Katie,’ the Sharknado host seems to unintentionally mispronounce Wippa and Kate’s names and making a cheeky nod to Kate’s long-running appearance on Channel Seven’s drama, Home And Away, by telling the star to contact the radio station if she’s ‘at home or away’ in the footage.
From the front to the back of the camera: Tara has moved away from being a young boy’s heartthrob to focusing on producing in Hollywood.

Tara stated earlier this month that being’misjudged’ as a ‘club girl’ in her younger years hurt her future.


The American Pie actress had a ‘frustrating’ period in the early 2000s when she couldn’t find jobs, which she claims was due to the public’s perception that she was wild, despite the fact that she had never done ‘something wrong.’

‘I took out of college a little longer. It was worse, really.” [It upsets myself] [people] who thought I was just a girl of a group and I wasn’t… ‘The failure to have fun was irrelevant, ‘ “Sharknado’s star said.

Paris and Nicky Hilton, as well as Paris’ Easy Life co-star Nicole Richie, became known for partying at Los Angeles clubs with the wild stars.

And don’t pass judgement on me! Tara recently said that she was “misjudged” as a “club girl,” which harmed her career. In 2016, it was spotted in Los Angeles.
Good times: The actor was known for partying with celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton at Los Angeles clubs. Observed in 2003

Tara isn’t the only actress in the United States to be duped by a prank.


Tom Armstrong fooled American actress Beverley Mitchell in a now viral TikTok story, to yell out the mass murderer Ivan Milat.

Tom, who was also a podcaster, revealed his good joke in July 20210.

Beverley, 39, of Seventh Heaven, is then seen shouting, ‘Hey Ivan!’ Few people pick up hitchhikers these days, but you went above and beyond to assist the backpacker community, and you really belong in 7th Heaven.’

 Tom Armstrong, an Australian actor, has duped American actress Beverley Mitchell (pictured) into endorsing serial killer Ivan Milat.

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