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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman’s romance with co-star Patrick O’Connor away from Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson


The characters played by Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor have become one of Summer Bay’s favourite television couples.

They’ve gone through the wringer on Home and Away after a difficult start, a painful breakup, and a spectacular reunion.

Away from the show, though, the real-life equivalents to the fictitious pair are in a serious relationship as well.

How did Sophie and Patrick meet?

While they publicly declared their romance in September of this year, the two had known each other for many years prior to their time on the serial.


The two had been pals for eight years, dating back to when they were both students at a Queensland acting school.

They both ended up on Home and Away after earning their degrees, with Sophie joining the cast first.

In 2017, she made her first appearance as Ziggy Astoni, a woman fleeing her past.

Patrick joined the show as a new River Boy from Mangrove River the next year, in 2018.


Dean helped Ziggy during the dissolution of her marriage to Brody Morgan after uncovering his adultery, and their characters’ connection began to deepen.

Is their relationship serious?

After moving in together in 2020 and adopting a cute little puppy together, the pair is quite serious.

Patrick even planned a special birthday celebration for Sophie at home during a 14-day lockdown in Sydney.

The actor dressed up as an old school waiter in a red and white striped suit and surprised his partner with a romantic meal.


While eating some delicious-looking oysters, the couple was served to some aphrodisiacs.

In a moving birthday message, Patrick dubbed Sophie his “number one” and said he couldn’t fathom living “this crazy life” without her.

What has Sophie stated about her and Patrick’s relationship?

Sophie has stated that their earlier friendship has aided them in collaborating now that they are dating.

She added that it has also strengthened their bond because they treat each other like “best friends.”

It can be difficult to make their personas seem natural because their genuine personalities are so different from their characters, according to the actress.

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