Saturday, November 18, 2023

We’ve got some chills! Ditch Davey just made the most funny impression on Danny Zuko at Home And Away When Grease meets Summer Bay!


If you ever wondered what your favourite home and away stars are up to, we have the answer!

And the young actors know, as they suspect, how to have fun.

Join Ditch Davey and Penny McName, members of Christian and Tori’s Home And Away chickens.

With his latest antics this week, Ditch left the audience in his stitches – and all about his funny parody of the classic Grease actor Danny Zuko (originally played by John Travolta in the 1978 film).


Penny McNamee took her Instagram Story on Wednesday and asked her followers the question: ‘Hands up who wants to see the Ditch Davey make the best impression of Danny Zuko?’

“A rock and a roll,” and a “what not.” And a rock and a roll… and what?

She can be heard enjoying a laugh to herself as Penny catches the moment that seems to be filmed at the show’s Everleigh-based studios in Sydney.

Although the on-screen lovers, recently engaged in Home And Away, were all smiles between takes, a looming controversy is set to rock their relationship this week.

Tori and Christian’s engagement joy could be derailed over a “deadly secret.” in the latest trailer for Thursday night’s show.

Somebody’s blind and then another person’s dead. You have to look at him. Someone’s blind, then someone else’s dead. Someone turns a blind eye, so someone else disappears.

What is Christian concealment? (Picture: Channel 7)

Dr Christian is convicted by Lewis (Luke Arnold) of the death during the trials of his child, Anna.

He assumes that Christian is inept, but Jasmine feels that his grief has not been dealt with.

“He isn’t even sure within himself if it is just his grief or whether he’s valid in his doubts about Christian,” he doesn’t even know whether it’s his sadness. He doesn’t believe himself.

The question is, can the obsession of Lewis on Christian deter him from following Jasmine?

A looming controversy appears likely to burst Tori and Christian’s marriage bubble. (Picture: Channel 7)

Jasmine has questioned in recent weeks if she is able to move on from Robbo (Jake Ryan), who was killed last year in a car accident.


She plays on her engagement ring to see how she’s going to take it off.

Jasmine and Lewis stand side by side at the engagement party of Tori and Christian, clearly enjoying each other’s presence.

Lewis watches Christian like a hawk all the time.

Then, at the hospital, as he threatens Christian, Lewis’ anger boils over.

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