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Home and Away Newcomer Bridie Carter reveals all about Susie McAllister’s role “The viewers will see a ball of energy and a lot of fun.”

For UK audiences, Home and Away spoilers follow.

Next week, Home and Away brings an intriguing new character to UK screens, as former actress Bridie Carter of McLeod’s Daughters makes her first appearance as Susie McAllister.

Susie, who comes to Summer Bay to support Christian Green (Ditch Davey) on a house-hunting mission, is a real estate agent.

Susie strikes up a friendship with John Palmer (Shane Withington) during her visit and unexpectedly invites him out on a date. Following his divorce from Marilyn last year, may this be John’s chance of happiness?

For any early gossip on Susie, Digital Spy recently hooked up with Bridie.

In such a strange time for the market, how did it feel to join Home and Away?

How was the character portrayed to you first?

I was given a synopsis of the character to read and then we arranged a phone call with the writer of the script and the producer of the series. All three of us and my agent got on this call and had a talk. I think one of the first words they said was:’ We had so much fun making Susie, it was such a blast!’

For people to be so enthusiastic about a new character on such a long-running story, that had me excited. From the beginning, I was fascinated and drawn in and she’s an intriguing woman-she really is.

We didn’t just talk about the character, but there was all this logistical argument about how you shot during COVID-it was all really strange! ”

Was there space to place a stamp of your own on Susie, too?

I think you always, eventually, place your own stamp on a character. You take some form of your life as an artist, your personal experiences and your observations and bring them into the character. We have always spoken of the warmth and honesty and reality of Susie.

I mean I guess it was my part of it, my quality as an artist who also performed with her. I think obviously one always placed one’s own mark on it, but it’s not an analytical step or a point that one makes, another actress might play it totally different! That’s the best thing about different actors’ qualities together, so you have dynamics that are very fascinating.

In the coming weeks, what should the viewers expect from Susie?

What’s attracted to John by Susie? Not often does he give people the best first impression, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here…

I think she sees him specifically and sees this very lovely, funny, charismatic guy.

She sees his status as someone very known and well liked within the group. She was just really fascinated by him! ”

Do you think a good pair is made by them?

I do! I think they made a great couple. I just know that because of the fun they have in scenes together. We just had a lot of fun. Sometimes you play characters and the relationships you play, sometimes they’re hard work, or they’re hard or traumatic, sometimes there are challenges to get through.

“With these two, that’s never the case. In their friendship and the dynamic that they have together, there is only so much joy. There’s been a lot of games, because when you play as an actress, there’s a feeling of liberation that’s very cool.

Can you tell us a little bit about the past and relationship history of Susie before this?

She’s travelling from a far, long distance away. It’s quite a trip from the west coast to the east coast of Australia. She’s someone who just needs a new start, and I think that says a lot about her and she arrives on her own.

She’ll carry all of that with her—all of that baggage like we all do!

Recently, John returned from a long-term friendship with Marilyn. If John transitions to dating someone different, might there be any problems between them?

I guess if there’s a former partner involved it’s still tricky. Summer Bay is a pretty tiny place! Stepping on toes is absolutely a risk. I think her mind is straightforward as far as a Susie is concerned-single, John’s he’s available and she’s not doing anything wrong.

I don’t think it’s any of Susie’s business, whatever concerns Marilyn may have. She is a lady who knows and goes for what she wants.

With Susie and Marilyn, are there any scenes?

Since there was a lot of fan interest for John and Marilyn, are you thinking the viewers would get behind this new pairing?

Some people may want Marilyn and John to be together, some people may love Susie and John together, and think, “Thank God he’s moving on.

Susie is very transparent and straightforward about what she wants. We see that when Irene ends up as a third wheel with John on her date, she is not pleased. Have you found it refreshing?

Totally! It’s just cool. Really, she’s brave, she’s quite courageous. With her motivations, in the way she acts, in her life and in the environment. She’s really straightforward, and because I think there are so many social rules and expectations that people don’t say what they mean, there’s a great independence.

I guess I am very like because, that there is a similarity between Susie and myself. It’s just that our lives are totally different! I am still very transparent, and it’s quite interesting to see it on television, to see a woman who is so straightforward.

Can you tease Susie how long she’s going to stick on for?

Oh, in Summer Bay, something will happen. There have been actors who have been on the show for three decades and there are individuals who come and go very easily.

All I can hope is that I think Susie’s always going to be in front of her fans, she’s always going to be one step ahead, and so I think her path is going to be interesting for audiences. Anything can happen, so I’m going to leave that one up in the air…

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