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Marny Kennedy nabs Home And Away role after “hitting rock bottom”


You could remember Marny Kennedy if you ever watched an Aussie children’s show in the mid 2000s.

In a series of successes, including Mortfied and The Saddle Club, the star, now aged 27, was front and centre.

She continued to nab parts in productions such as Bite Club and Between Two Worlds as she grew up. And now, she’s scored a Home and Away gig in her highest profile job yet.

Marny will play a character named Rachel Young, according to Back to the Bay, who appears to be swept up in an upcoming explosion plot that also includes Jasmine (Sam Frost), Marilyn (Emily Symons), Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) fan favourites.

Meet the newest Summer Bay resident of Home and Away, Rachel Young, played by Marny Kennedy (pictured).

Although specifics of the latest arrival are currently scarce, Marny was also spotted sporting a neck brace in paparazzi pictures while walking alongside Dr. Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

Marny has disclosed her heartbreak in the past over losing out on a gig on the legendary Channel Seven programme.

“When I was 21 or so, Marny told the WEEK TV in 2018, “Home And Away played a part.

“There may have been some kind of job I borrowed from home and away never before, but I had not worked very long, so I went.

In Aussie kids’ shows like Mortfied, the actress first rose to fame (pictured). Delivered

The young actress was struck hard by the pain of losing out.

While Marny’s career path is on the rise, she has starred in renowned local dramas such as Janet King and Underbelly: Chopper in recent years, there was a time when her hopes almost all crashed.

Marny and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe were photographed in 2006. The Getty

Marny revealed to TV WEEK Close Up in 2018 that she “self sabotaged” after auditions in Hollywood just five years prior to the interview, failing to make the transition from child star to more adult roles.

In 2014, she decided to “hide” when she returned home to Australia-and booked a trip to India without telling anybody.


She listened to my agent who was strange. Then she sat me down and said: “We still care about you,” she said about the bad times.

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