Saturday, November 18, 2023

The new information about Witness x from Home and Away related to Courtney Miller


When Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) was revealed as Witness X – the one who misled Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) via a witness statement against him, Home and Away fans were shocked.

And after being labelled as a prime suspect by Bella Nixon from Summer Bay, the actress who plays her – Courtney Miller – has revealed that she already knew it wasn’t her.

Courtney revealed that she never accused Bella of being the mystery witness in a conversation with the UK’s Digital Spy.

Courtney Miller (pictured) admitted that she already knew that the mystery witness would not be her character (Bella). Within Instagram

After the big revelation, Willow left Summer Bay and Courtney predicts that Bella will be able to forgive her for her acts long ago.


Bell’s rage to Willow stems from the pain – hurt by being blindsided by her own family,”Bella is far too hurt by Willow’s actions. Bella’s anger towards Willow stems from hurt – hurt from being blindsided by her own family,”Bella was upset much too much through Willow’s actions.

Home and Away viewers were shocked when Willow Harris was revealed as Witness X. Seven, played by Sarah Roberts (pictured),

Courtney posted a heartfelt tribute via Instagram to him after her on-screen brother Tim Franklin left Home and Away, which included several images of the two on set together.

Our scenes together were magical and our love of character was true.” ”

Courtney (right) posted a heartfelt homage via Instagram to Tim (left), which included several pictures of the pair together on set. Inside Instagram

In the comments section, fans posted their heartfelt posts, remarking on Courtney and Tim’s sweet friendship on and off-screen.


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