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Anna May Samson shares some Extra ordinary BTS Photos from the Home And away


It’s one thing to be a good actress, but it’s a separate thing to state that I was on one of Australia’s most loved soaps.

Clearly, Anna May Sampson felt exactly the sentiment after posting a throwback photo from her first days on the set of Home and Away.

The British-born actress shared last night via Instagram a Polaroid of her Home and Away roots, with fans poring over the perspective behind the scenes.

“Now, from a while back. On package, first week. Polaroid makeup. Anna wrote in the caption, ‘The first sight of Mia.’


The supporting mates of Anna, who are clearly chuffed with enthusiasm for their pal’s glamorous new gig, flocked to the unique shot.

One wrote, “Exciting babe!” ’

“One went on to add: “Congratulations! It’s really interesting.

And her fan counts as Anna gets more traction in the film scenes. The actress was told by one person “Loving your scenes so far”


Anna plays Mia, a former Ari girlfriend who appeared in Summer Bay with a teenager. The role is interesting.

Sam and Ari were dating until his arrest, which suggests there’s plenty of unresolved business between these two.

Of course, it would be a bit awkward, given that Ari is currently dating Mackenzie.

As for Mia’s daughter, Chloe, the character still looks ready to make waves after she and Ryder (played by Lukas Radovich) were spotted kissing on set.


But, whether you’re already a fan of the characters Mia and Chloe or not, it seems like these two are only only getting started.

And I hope that during their trip, we get a lot of observations behind the scenes.

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