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Home and Away Spoilers – New arrivals and goodbyes in Summer Bay


A fan favorite is reportedly bidding farewell to Home and Away in the upcoming months, along with a few new faces.

Since the show is frequently filmed at Sydney’s north public Palm Beach, viewers frequently get a sneak peek at what’s to come months before the action is seen on television, sometimes even revealing the advent of new characters.

Resuming in the Bay

A popular character has been noticeably absent in recent months, leading to speculation that they may be leaving the program later this year. In addition, some new cast members have been observed on the set.


Prepare to welcome Abigail, Jimmy, Perri, a new bad boy, and a growing baby to Summer Bay. Will Felicity soon be leaving?

newest residents of Summer Bay: Hailey Pinto’s Abigail Fowler
Although it isn’t official yet, it appears like newcomer Hailey Pinto will portray Abigail Fowler, the sister of Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey), who is not yet visible.

© Returning to the Bay

As we mentioned last week, we caught Hailey filming during what appeared to be Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden’s engagement celebration in March. However, we were unable to verify Hailey’s character name or link.


In the weeks that have passed, Hailey’s character has been spotted filming more sequences with Eden and Levi in addition to the extensive interaction she had with Eden in the show.

Since Levi’s father had moved out of the family home, Eden perceived Levi’s decision to move in with him as a betrayal of his principles. She had therefore not spoken to her brother in around 15 years.

However, there have only been oblique allusions to Levi and Eden’s having a third sister; as of right now, there is no information available regarding the third and last Fowler sibling.

© Returning to the Bay


The engagement scenes are scheduled to premiere in August or September, therefore Hailey Pinto’s character ought to appear on TV within the following three months.

James Jeffrey Fowler, aka “Jimmy”
Based on the information provided, it seems that actor Aaron Jeffery will also be joining the Fowler family in the upcoming months. Abigail is not the only member of the family who will be arriving.

The 53-year-old Kiwi actor, best known for his parts in the Netflix drama Pieces of Her starring Toni Collette and Water Rats, McLeod’s Daughters, and Wentworth, has added a guest appearance as James “Jimmy” Fowler to his past roles.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that Jimmy is Eden, Levi, and Abigail’s father given the name and age range.

Their father moved out of the family home to live with the lady Levi says he fell in love with when his romance was made public. While Eden has been unable to go past the reality that her mother’s heart was destroyed by her father’s departure, Levi is even more understanding now that his own marriage to Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) has ended.

As far as we know, Eden hasn’t seen her father since the day he left the family home when she was fifteen. Levi and Eden are still in regular communication with their mother, who is now unknown and invisible.


Eden had mentioned during her discussion of her upbringing in the funeral parlor that although her family had hoped she would take over the company, it was not in line with her career goals.

Although it’s possible that Levi may pay his father a visit at his house, Levi and his father still have a nice connection. However, what would Eden do if her father were to travel to Summer Bay?

Rachael Carpani, aka Claudia Salini

Not only is Aaron Jeffery a McLeod’s Daughters alumna going to the bay; on her resume, actress Rachael Carpani mentions that she portrayed Claudia Salini.

Rachael was nominated for a 2007 Gold Logie for her role as Jodi Fountain, which she performed for eight seasons on the Nine Network series. In more recent times, she starred in Ben Affleck’s film The Way Back and the comedy drama Seven comedy play 800 Words.

In McLeod’s Daughters, Aaron Jeffrey and Rachael Carpani both had appearances. Nine Network

As of right now, neither the character of Claudia nor the fact that she is making a one-time appearance are known.

Rachael played Miranda, a diner waitress, in Home and Away in a brief role prior to being well-known in McLeod’s Daughters in 2001. She had additionally made uncredited cameos in the past, most notably in 1997 as a part of Saul Bennett’s commune.

The latest “bad boy” is Joshua Orpin.
Joshua Orpin, who is most known for playing Conner Kent, also known as Superboy, in the second series of DC Comics’ Titans, has joined the show and will make his debut appearance later this year, according to a story published earlier this year by Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Although specifics about his character are still being withheld, the newspaper has disclosed that he will be “a bit of a bad boy.”

Joshua told the Daily Telegraph, “I can say he is a bit of a bad boy who comes into the show and stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals.” “On the surface, he seems like one thing, but I’ve had a lot of fun discovering his great depth.”

With Dean Thompson’s (Patrick O’Connor) departure last year, Summer Bay has been left without a permanent “bad boy.” In February 2018, Dean became the newest member of the Mangrove River gang known as the River Boys, which was founded by Darryl “Brax” Braxton (Steve Peacocke).

The gang played a significant role in the plots of Home and Away for several years, beginning with Brax’s 2011 arrival in Summer Bay.

Interestingly, there is more than a passing similarity between Dean’s debut portrait and the advertising photo for Joshua’s persona.

Is it a coincidence or a subliminal hint from the Home and Away crew that Summer Bay is going to have a new River Boy soon?

Orpin, a Melbourne native, was eager to accept the job because it would help him get over his homesickness, according to The Daily Telegraph. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor stated that he was unable to travel back to his native country, not even in between playing engagements.

Orpin said, “I have worked abroad and have been homesick, especially over Covid where I wasn’t able to come back to Australia even when I wasn’t working. That was one of the reasons I was excited to take on this gig.”

“I was eager to get into some Australian content… When this chance to immerse myself in Australian TV, movies, and plays presented itself, I saw it as the ideal one.

Fans snapped pictures of an actor who looked like Joshua Orpin filming with Jacqui Purvis at Palm Beach earlier this year. The two looked to be holding hands.

Regards, Tara Johnson

Will Felicity and the new bad boy start dating soon?

Perri, 17, is another prospective “bad boy” who is traveling to Summer Bay.

BTTB saw multiple character audition videos made available to the public early this year, but we are still unsure of who will be playing him or if he will be a regular or guest.

The dialogue reveals that Perri is a former juvenile offender who is seeking self-defence classes from the unnamed other character in the scene (we’d hazard a guess at local gym owner Tane as opposed to JP), though we must emphasize that scenes used in auditions can often differ from what ends up on-screen.

Is Tane going to train someone but Harper?

The character says, “Let’s talk about why you want to do it.” It’s not about throwing your weight around and picking fights, as I have stated.

Perri reassures them, saying, “I heard you, I just want to protect myself.”

“For anything specific? Are you having problems?

“You’ve seen my file, so you already know the answer to that,” Perri responds.

Perri continues by saying that even if everything at home is well, he will turn 18 in a few weeks. He needs to be ready because any more mistakes would land him in jail rather than juvie.

Will the problematic teenager be able to change his life during his stay at Summer Bay?

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